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In today’s video, we go to a foreign food market that sells LIVE fish, turtles, eels, frogs, AND MORE! This place keeps these live animals in horrible conditions so we bought as many as we could and transported them to my private pond where they can live a happy life! Should we go back and make a part 2?

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  1. Listen they do a lot of illegal stuff in those food market they need to be severely watched they take illegal animals from the wild and put them into those dirty disgusting situations make them suffer and then they sell them to be eaten😮😢

  2. We had a Asian market actually there was two of them that got caught in our city with illegal turtles that they were selling as food and they ended up seizing 15 Turtles and only two lived because they all had pneumonia from being kept in dirty tanks😢

  3. I want a burn that place to the ground what are awful place to grow in animals I respect animals for what they are not for food😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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