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ROBOTIC FISHING LURE Vs. LIVE BAIT For Big Bass (Male KAREN Hates Fisherman!)

Robotic Fishing Lure Vs. Live Bait For Big Bass (Male KAREN Hates Fisherman!)

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  1. Some people really are just flat out sad and lonely and the only way they get by in life is by heckling people who are just minding their own business like this. Its so sad. And its always the older people too🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. I had a guy come on our property at an air bnb to tell us about leash laws. I informed them of private property laws! Told him told call the cops if they needed them to explain it to them! Literally I hate people

  3. Sorry you had to deal with that clown.
    And who cares what he has to say. You have permission from those who own the pond.
    So he can go kick rocks as he makes under his breath all pissy.

  4. Your saying your mad that you got kicked out but the simple truth is if you had permission from the property owner then you should have told him that you know that he doesn't own anything and that you have permission to be there and that your not leaving or going anywhere and I would have told him as politely as I could have to piss off and I would have just kept fishing and just ignored him and if he does call the cops witch was probably just a bluff to get you to leave anyways then I would have just kept fish till they got there and told them to go speak to the owner that gave u permission to fish there and I would keep fishing while they did that as well. A lot of people hate fishermen so this happens more then you would think but if you know you have permission to be there then tell people like that to piss off don't let someone push you around like that when your in the right "stand your ground" bro but yes getting a written signed statement is better because if they do call the cops you can just show them the letter of permission and you will be back to fishing much faster it just makes me wish I would have been there when I see some ass hole trying to pull a stunt like this on property that has nothing to do with them gets my blood hot I'm sick of everyone acting like there doing such a great thing by hating fishermen when people have been fish pretty much since the beginning of time I mean its just stupid but hey good video bro

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