RECORD BREAKER | Justin Atkins’ 10-pound, 8-ounce Bass | Stage Three | Lake Fork

Justin Atkins broke the MLF record for biggest bass with this 10-pound, 8-ounce Lake Fork, Texas largemouth!


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  1. What a pig. I've had bad luck with 3 that size. They took me in brush tops. Kept my line tight. Hoping they would come out. One got just enough slack to jump up and say goodbye. Hung him on a jig.I throw it around cover. But also in deep water. I love deep water fishing. I tell people. Your biggest bites come in deep water. Trace Lake in
    Ms. Fish stay deep. Check it out. And Lamar Bruce. Also a good deep water lake. But have good line. And keep your drag set. Cause it's full of pigs.

  2. Congrats on a true Sweetwater hog right there by God..
    Hell you had me out of breath to.😅😅😅
    Then when you said your reel is broke, I shouted out!! Hand line her in😅😅
    Way to getter done brother..

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