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Realistic Bass Fishing with Cheap Lures from Walmart – Texas Rig Craw

Today we are doing some realistic bass fishing with cheap lures from Walmart. The Texas Rig Craw I am fishing is the Arkie crawfish jig trailer. This craw retails for $1.25 per 5 pack. I am able to catch three largemouth bass as I walk the bank. The first bass is a quarter pounder with cheese and I catch it near some downed trees. The second bass I catch is a 1.5 pound bass that I catch near a boat ramp. And finally I catch a 3/4 pound bass and boy did he swallow it. Just because it say jig trailer on the package doesn’t mean you can’t Texas Rig it. Try some cheap lures from Walmart, you just might catch a few nice bass.

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  1. No matter how many times I see it that intro it always gets me. Is there one thing I've learned over the decades is that any lure works depending on how, where and when you use them, the price you pay and where you get them it's up to you, keep on keeping it realistic.

  2. Very nice first fish! Good to see cheap baits work (especially if that's all you can afford.) I would love to see you set up a camera just to film you fishing from a wooded bank. I fish from the bank and most of the lake spots I fish are in state parks where there is tons of trees and bushes and no clear banks. I need to develop a better cast and want to learn from people who are bank fishing too. Keeping it real, I see LOT of "tree ornaments" of lures and line and I'd like to avoid that. Anyway, thanks for the videos!

  3. I also love the creme lures Walmart packs, a fairly local store carries the brush hog stick bait and even a jerk bait. They work and if you buy two packs you a "full pack" for its than the price of a main steam brand.

  4. Just subscribed. Recently started watching fishing videos. Obviously some videos are fishing in pay to fish ponds-a real turn off. Love your channel. I'm strictly a bank fisher. Keep up the great work.

  5. Everytime I go to Walmart (and I go a lot) the fishing section is bare. People are fishing with Walmart fishing products. That's realistic!!! Thanks for the content. KiR!!!

  6. I got to ask, unrelated to the video but where do you buy those gulp minnows I see in a ton of your video? I never seem to find anything but the worms. I would like to give them a try.

  7. Good job! I've been having trouble catching bass here in south Florida. I went fishing in Miami after I hung out with my buddy on south beach. First time fishing on that coast. Water was nice and they have peacock bass. I was scaring them away with my tiny lure.

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