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Welcome to CrushCity: Where the Fish Are Big and the Bite is Hot!

Rapala takes pride in “helping people catch more and bigger fish”; so, with that said, Rapala is introducing its new premier line of soft baits – CrushCity customs.

Designed by America’s top professional bass angler—Jacob Wheeler—these baits are versatile and effective for crushing different species on multiple bodies of water all over the country. With the introduction of five soft baits, Rapala aims to show how defined the soft bait category can be with an attention to detail on every bait matching the innovation they have brought to hardbaits over the years.

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  1. I like Jacob W but I feel like he is just being a used car salesman in this video. Talking up all these baits like they are ground breaking but they are nothing special and just slightly different than existing baits. I don't feel like he put much effort in coming up with something original that works great.

  2. Those should be good for the saltwater too. That hinge action on the one bait should be awesome for flounder and redfish. Both sizes of paddle tails ought to be great too.
    Is Rapala going to make a version of the chatterbait?

  3. Crush City baits work for inshore species too. I live in SoCal & have been using the mayor’s & caught everything from bay bass to calico bass, to sand bass, to halibut, to corvina. I even caught a WSB on the ned BLT fished on the new VMC swinging ned head!

  4. Im really digging the freeloader, craw, and bug for sure I think those will smash the fish down south where I live… Really looking forward to getting my hands on some of these!!!

  5. I was always a ripstop guy, and my soft plastics I won’t mention, but more competition breeds better quality baits and Rapala in the game for softs, count me in, I’ve been looking for something to replace my two go to brands.

  6. This is exciting. I love to see Rapala expanding in bait types. Can't wait to try. When will they be available in Canada retailers?

  7. This is Rapala’s FIRST attempt at soft plastic baits. Majority of their bait line up is hard lures of baits. It’ll be interesting to see how this fairs with the bass fishing community and how possible popular it gets, one hit wonder in soft plastics? We’ll see!

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