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Pond bass fishing turned wild Karen encounter!

Went fishing for largemouth at a elderly community we have fished many times in the past and got into a crazy altercation with a lady who was very upset with us fishing.


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  1. I’m a 60 yo man, who would fish like you guys when I was your age..that sheriff should’ve went back and at the very least handcuffed that Karen, and explained that she committed serious crime…assault and willful destruction of property… You guys were so cool, and were really treated VERY poorly by the sheriff and the Karen. Age doesn’t matter, as there are rude and obnoxious people of any age. In today’s world, the best thing to do is AVOID conflict, and keep cool, like you guys did. Even though you’re in the right, you don’t know how crazy someone will get, with the prevalence of guns and drugs in society… We can all learn lessons from these encounters, and realize afterwards what we should’ve, could’ve done differently. You guys deserved way more respect from the sheriff and the Karen, but in the end, you came out on top… Remember some day you’ll be 60, and I’m sure you’ll be the great people you are now..!!! I’m SORRY you had such an unfortunate experience, just know plenty of us old folks are just kids like you that grew old…👍🙏❤️

  2. Hands down a really professional cop! Gave you every opportunity. I’ve always ran by the rule of getting a phone number or atleast a piece of paper with a name and phone number on it. It solves a lot of issues similar to this

  3. If she was on the board she needs to be let go. Absolutely no class. She needs anger management. She is a loose cannon. I wouldn’t want to live in that community. Damaging property is not cool. What will she do next. Crotchety old woman.

  4. Letting the air out of your tires is so immature. They should have pressed charges. Karen knows that she can get away with treating people like that. She will do it again 😢

  5. Get your ass off of the private property. Go fish the public waters. Respect your elders. You should learn from your mistakes in life as you grow up. You were in the wrong. Live up to your mistakes.

  6. I’m not understanding why people have to mess with anyone they come across just to cause problems! Especially when it involves teens.. so many kids and teens are out doing stuff that they shouldn’t drugs,alcohol and theft and these 3 just want to fish and seemingly aren’t looking for trouble! Leave them alone!!!

  7. Plz tell me yall crunch chargers for her flattening your tires Y'all should just press charges period for everything especially for her putting hands on the girlfriend and now destroying property twice that's a little out of hand that's being childish like really there was no need for her to throw the fishing pole up in the Water all you had to do was talk to them and when you did and you didn't like the answer call the police then let the police deal with it now the second one is going way too far slashing their tires that just shows everyone that your a child inside and out I mean that's out of hands

  8. You guys should have pressed charges on her!!! Well Kylie should have pressed charges on her!!! I'm 49 and I thank the Lord above that I am WAYYY closer to being like y'all than her!!! She's a TRUE ENTITLED TO KAREN!!!! You guys could still go down and take out charges on her for destruction of property and assault!!!! I'm not sure exactly where y'all live, to me it looked like either California or Arizona, possibly Nevada???? I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. And I just started to running into these Kens and Karen's EVERYWHERE!!!! Creeks that I have been fishing for twenty years have since had homes developing on them…. At first the cops and game wardens would tell the home owners that as long as we are in the creek, even if it's only 6' wide that we are allowed to fish!!!! They would say "well we own both sides of the creek" and the law would tell them that they don't own the water nor the land under the water…. Unfortunately those older cops and wardens have since retired or moved on and this younger crowd are just "tired" of getting the calls, so the law enforcement officers will hassle us by searching us and basically threatening us with "not wanting to piss them off"!!!! It's insane. It's sad!!! But, here's a AWESOME story of some legal revenge for yah….. The one main Karen and Ken, their neighbor just so happened to call me up about me doing some tile work in their house…… I figured they were friends and that I'd never get the job….. They informed me that they couldn't stand them!!!!! HAHAHAHA…. So…. The noise ordinance is 10 PM here in Waynesville N.C. and I don't know if you've ever heard how LOUD a wet saw is when it cuts through porcelain tile, BUT ITS LOUD!!!!! Well I would NEVER TURN IT OFF UNTIL 10 PM EXACTLY!!!!! I'd literally stand out there and cut tiles for no reason with a dull diamond blade (which makes it WAY LOUDER) and we'd all stand there and laugh!!!!! Plus I had my saw on the yard right next to their window…. The houses are literally 10 feet apart!!!!! Then to top it all off, the neighbor on the other side of the Karen n Ken had me come do tile work at their house!!!!! The people literally took a vacation!!!! SOOOOO we waited for them to return and did ANOTHER bathroom floor!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA nobody likes the KKs not even their neighbors!!!!! Good luck to y'all!!!!

  9. Good for you guys…… I wish that old lady got in trouble man. Unacceptable how she reacted and what she did specially to the girl that’s a minor.. 100% should be kicked off any board she’s on

  10. The cop flat out lied to you because you’re young. It is not a huge deal to press charges. He didn’t want to do the paperwork because he just collects a check at his age. There is little to no work done to press charges against that lady.

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