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Planning To Fish Offshore This Summer? Watch This First!

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Equipment Used in Video:

Swing Head Setup:
– Big Bite Baits Gamakatsu Regular Hook Swing Head 3/4oz:
– Big Bite Baits Scentsation Quarantine Craw Green Pumpkin:
– Denali Lithium Pro Casting Rod 7’4″ Heavy Worm Jig:
– Abu Garcia Max X Casting Reel:
– Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon 18lb:

Hover Rig Setup:
– Core Tackle Hover Rig 1/8oz 3/0:
– Strike King Caffeine Shad Jr.:
– Denali Lithium Pro Spinning Rod 7’4″ Med Hvy Misc:
– Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear 8lb:
– Sunline Siglon PEx4 Braided Line Orange 16lb:
– Denali Fission Spinning Reel 3000:

Fish Finders Used in Video:

Forward Facing Sonar
– Garmin GPSMAP 1022XSV
– Garmin Livescope LVS32 Transducer

Down/Side Imaging:
– Garmin GPSMAP 8610XSV
– Garmin GT56UHD Transducer

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Google Earth
Navionics Web App:
Genesis Social Maps:

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  1. Hey Johnny
    Do you have a lake brake down of RL Harris reservoir? Known as Lake Wedowee in Alabama! I’m trying to learn how to off shore fish! Tired of b beating the bank

  2. Oklahoman here. No BS, just came back from a trip where I caught an 11.8 and a 13 back to back on the same ledge. They’re schooling in the right places….

  3. I feel like somethings gone wrong with the Deep Dive app. The new features are great, but the algorithm has gotten too strict. All thru May (prime fishing with a ton of baits) it was only recommending me 1-2 baits all day. Last year it was giving many more recommended options.

  4. Thanks for another great video! I never miss them. I watched you past two live videos and put what you did to work for me. I went out today on a lake I knew very little about. I caught 5 smallmouth on an old road bed that I saw when the lake was low. But I watched a bunch of fish follow my bait on Livescope and not hit. I decided to use my Garmin mapping contour and start 😊mapping and graphing. After about 3 hrs I found a steep drop off that had a ton of fish. I could see them on down imaging but the 2d sonar showed several nice fish. I wrecked them. I ended up catching 33 smallmouth bass with several over 18 inches. What you teach is valuable info and you system works anywhere!!! Thanks again🎣😊

  5. Great stuff Johnny. But how do you make Navi Web app useful when it’s so different then other mapping like Lakemaster? I’m comparing them right now on a Major lake tournament lake. So not old scans.

  6. Out of you and Jimmy, who is the top and who is the bottom? Lol. Im only kidding. The videos on your channels have helped me out on Watts Bar the last few times ive gone. Thanks.

  7. I live in Oregon where there are no shad or any baitfish really. You literally go around a lot of these lakes and see zero fish. I don't think these videos really apply to Oregon rezos.

  8. Great video to guide strategy as we move into summer. Decision-making videos like this are really useful, as I think that's the most difficult part of bass fishing. I'm heading out for 3 fishing days next week after having been off the water for a month so the timing of this video was perfect.

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