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Out-Fish Your Friends With These TRICKS For Spring Bass Fishing!

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Zoom Super Fluke – Bubblegum:
Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper – Bubblegum:
Strike King Supa Fry – Chartreuse Pepper:
Denali AttaX Rods:

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Smithwick Devil’s Horse – Yellow Black Stripes:
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  1. I have been using the bandit crank baits the square bill and the 100 or 200 in the bumblebee color for I know 20-30 + years now and it catches everything!!!🔥🔥all spring but summer time right around the shade line in 2’-6’ foot of water and I reel down and let it come on and sit 10-15 seconds and repeat it’s a slow way to fish but my god do you catch them a lot of the bites come in the first 3-10 seconds as soon as I hits the water just let it sit and or after you work it 2-3 times they eat it

  2. The best days of the year are upon us and thanks for the info and tips to make the best of it because once it's over, the next year's spring sure does take forever to come back around lol take care guys and everyone stay safe out there!!

  3. I make my own stick baits a lot of the time and so far this year I have done best on 3 colors I mix – Dreamsicle orange, electric blue, and jet black with an electric blue tip. I've found that water clarity doesn't really matter a whole lot on my fishery. Even in gin clear water, those bass go nuts for the crazy colors!

  4. Great video! Always feel like I really come away with sometime every video! Mark and I have been talking about throwing a bubblegum floating worm on Ouachita 👌 I'll take this as my sign!

  5. glowies. i prefer to catch them without buying strange plastic chemo. edit all these plastics are going to be outlawed like the lead weights, maybe for the best.

  6. Why fish for bass guarding their fry? Assume for the moment you are doing catch and release, can you say for certain that fish will return to the bed? Or are all those fry essentially just become food for hungry blue gill hurting future bass fishing?

  7. I know a lot of people like the white or red floating worm. I really like a green pumpkin or black and blue wacky rig this time of the year. That and a jig are my go to!

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