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Our Top 5 Favorite Weedless Soft Swimbaits To Catch Big Bass!

In today’s video, Geoff talks about weedless soft swimbaits and which ones we like to throw. Weedless soft swimbaits have been on the rise lately and for good reason. Their versatility makes them so sought after and unique that you have to give them a try to get a big bite!

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Working Class Zero Citizen:
Call store – 623-412-3474

3:16 Rising Son:

Megabass MagDraft Freestyle:

Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer:

3:16 Mission Fish:

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  1. Yeah I've been trying to get some working class zero baits for over a year and half & seem to get beat by cart bot's & have sent a few emails to Mike Gilbert about getting his bait & welp still not able to get any So good luck on that. But yes the mag drafts are awesome.

  2. Not a good idea to use the name of Jesus Christ in vain. .. for the LORD thy God will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Exodus 20:7 KJV
    Like your show.

  3. Magdraft FTW!!! I gutted an 8", with a 11/0 VMC Heavy Duty willow blade hook. That combo landed me a new 23"x20" PB Largemouth (10.35lbs by's Bass Calculator), and 20 other bass in the 3lbs-6lbs range, this year.

  4. I've have been having serious problems with the paintjob on my stealth swimmers, the paint just go off after a couple of cast, I dont know if it is only the ones I own or a problem of the lure to solve on the future, maybe on a 8" model… that would be cool

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