Organizations Begin To Ban Forward Facing Sonar…

Randy talks about the increase in organizations that are banning forward facing sonar…#bassfishing #fishingdaily #bassmaster #fishing #bass #angler #fishingtrip #fishinglife #livescope

Lake map breakdowns…


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  1. I like the mysteries of fishing , when I do have a good day on the water, it’s much more satisfying , and memorable. I wouldn’t watch football if I knew every play call before it happened, I don’t watch bass fishing on tv anymore , those guys just playing a video game. A lot of times bass won’t even bite unless you cast a lure right on top there face. There’s no guessing anymore with live scope . No place for it in tournaments.

  2. Funny i told my buddy who has one always say to me get you one im like naw im keep it classic told him with that feel like im have the cheat codes to fishing i like moving around and find fish naturally instead of electronics helping

  3. Do you fish tournaments that allow it ? And they all have it now but it seems the best anglers still rise to the top , and why stop there power poles , spotlock , my opinion it's not magic still have to find them and be a good stick to be at the top consistently

  4. I agree I used to race sprint cars and my dad nascar and money equals speed I think it's the same with the high dollar electronics.If you could only use 2d sonar in tournaments and it would be a lot different. The tournament series owners want to see huge weight wins just like the PGA wants to see 380 yard drives it sells.

  5. You can’t make the fish bite. But, if you can put your bait in front of say 50-100 more fish with forward facing sonar than without. Duh you are gonna catch more fish. So in that vein. It does make the fish bite.

  6. Part of fishing is the barrier between the fisherman and the fish. Sonar blurrs that line and FFS blows it away.

    Every professional sport has equipment regulations. Professional bass fishing could drive a ton of innovation that would makenthe sport more accessable. Make boats 17-19 ft. Limit horsepower to 150 and set a max fuel capacity. Limit boat weights. This would force boat manufacturers to develop lighter boats, more efficient motors, better hull designs etc. Stop the arms race and drive innovation in the middle where more people will benefit 5-7 years down the road.

  7. Why can’t all tournaments go to the catch,weigh and release method?
    It makes the most sense
    It has to start at the top leagues and work done to area club tournaments

  8. Personally, I wish they never came out with LiveScope, it made the lesser or average fisherman like a king while using it. But the truth is, is that it isn't going anywhere so you have no choice but to use it. I fished my first tournament of the year in March this year and when we launched we were the only boat that didn't have it, and we got our teeth kicked in, so we ended up getting it and it's definitely a game changer but I personally wish it never came out, I use to win a lot just being an instinctive fisherman, and now the Instincts are gone because of LiveScope. Just my 2 cents. Love your content though. But the reality is you can't compete anymore without it.

  9. We need to organize a protest picket line at all the major tx events! That would really rattle the cage and put an end to using it on competition days. Otherwise, it is fun to use. I love it but needs to be banned during competition! I do not recognize any more wins at the pro level using live sonar! If you took it away from these guys, most of them would fall flat, i'm sure of it.

  10. I think the tournament organizers need to put some thought into what the “fishing” is going to be like at each event and set the rules to reflect that. This goes for forward facing sonar and biggest 5 vs every fish counts. If they are fishing a lake at a time of the year where the fish are still off shore but there are some hogs out there they should utilize forward facing sonar and go biggest 5. If they are fishing a tournament where the fish are up shallow then eliminate FF sonar and then determine what the bite should be like. If it’s known to be a tough bite on said water at that time of year then go with every fish counts and find out which anglers have the skills to find em when it’s tough like that, if everyone will be catching a limit and culling up throughout the day make it best 5. Not every tournament has to be the same format. Even in golf on the PGA tour, most tournaments are stroke play but they have one that’s stableford, one that’s match play, and even one that’s a team event. Not to mention the Ryder Cup.

  11. Side-facing sonar has been around for more than 30 years, it shouldn't be an issue. Tournaments should make flashlight batteries and a "Fishnin' Buddy" the maximum allowed tech.

  12. Perhaps set a tournament up almost like a video game career would start, have every angler start off with a bare bones boat with nothing on it but a motor and live well and limited the tackle they start with and depending on where you finish at each tournament you’re awarded points that can be redeemed for upgrades to your gear and boat. This way it gives company’s ways to market new products while also keeping everyone on the same playing field to start with and the better you perform the more upgrades you can unlock and fans can be interactive on which gear and upgrades the angler should get.

  13. Well someone should just start a no technology league, there are a couple hundred guys commenting on here that would fill it up. Maybe that would stop all the complaining… well on second thought, I doubt that. I forgot why I don't usually look at Mr Negatives channel.

  14. So you are telling me that ffs is giving people an unfair advantage? I don't own one, but I've beat plenty of guys that do. The guys crying about this stuff are the same guys that can never put a pattern together and find fish in the first place, so they whine about everything. You know the type, the guys that think eating bass is a sin because it will hurt the population, when in reality it is overpopulated and they still can't catch them. Being a great angler requires something that no electronics or equipment can replace, and most don't have it. Try having more confidence in your ability and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

  15. You can do a lot of the same things with 2d sonar that you can with livescope but the detail is massively different. The issue I have with livescope is watching 130 guys chasing fish around a flat with it. The fish were there and now they've run them off. I do think livescope has many similarities to spotlighting deer and using drones for hunting deer. Fish have been progressively become more finicky in my area the last 2 years. At 25 I'm against it. I've been fishing for a decade and the effects livescope have had on my fishery and fishing pressure in the last couple years is noticeable.

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