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One Spinning Combo for Bass Fishing (Beginner Bass Fishing)

Today I’m going over setting up one spinning combo for bass fishing. I’ll discuss the rod, reel, line, and lures. I’ll cover the small things like connection knots and hook sizes too! I really do believe all bass anglers should have at least one spinning combo for finesse fishing. I hope this helps with the questions you all have sent me!

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Okuma Psycho Stick (7’2″ Med Spinning):
Daiwa Tatula XT(7′ Medium):
Lew’s Custom Speed Stick (7′ Med):

Okuma ITX 2500 or 3000 Size:
Daiwa Fuego 3000 Size:
Shimano Sedona 3000 Size:
Lew’s Mach II 300 Size:

P-Line Fluoroclear (8lb-12lb):
P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon (8lb-12lb):
P-LineTCB Braid (10b or 15lb):


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  1. My brother and I caught a 3lb, 4lb and 4.5 pound bass on medium light 7 foot spinning rods with 10 lb braid to 8 lb fluoro with 1/16 ounce Ned rigs. Dragged them out of lily pads.

  2. I live in Minnesota and most of the time in using spinning gear my all around is a 7 foot 1 13 fishing blackout med and I'll even use light jerk bait and light crank baits or a small jig but my wacky rig 4 inch sinko is on a med light either 7 foot or 6.7 are bass don't get to be every big like down south so to have more fun spinning gear is away to go

  3. I thought that was a great video, I really like that you explained all the options that are available using a spinning rod combo. I would like to see more videos like this one. Thanks 👍 🎣 🇺🇸

  4. One thing I’ve notice with my fuego 3000 over the past year has been the bale feels loose? It wiggles side to side ever so slightly And same downwards. But I still love it. And would get another. I just feel like 3k might be a bit too big for bass fishing. I feel a 1k-2500 is good enough. I’ve also had some issues with the shimming. The line wraps too high up without one and too low with one sooooo. Idk what to do?

  5. I have had fishing rods for years and never used them its been close to a decade since the last time i went fishing but this year im taking the dive and this channel is helping me learn a lot

  6. Man i tried the little Drop Shot setup on a spinning Rod for the first time with great success lol. I started using a version of the Drop Shot-weight setup 40 years ago for Catfish and it’s absolutely nothing new but extremely effective in a downsized form lol.

  7. I almost exclusively use spinning combos. I use bait casters for some things but for the most part if you buy 6.2-1 speed spinning reels then you’re good to go. They are cheaper in price, don’t break nearly as easily and last much longer than bait casters.

  8. Why is the “Drop Shot” your nemesis? It looks like a sound idea to keep the bait of the bottom but I’ve never tried a small setup. I’ve used that rig for Channel Cats but that’s it.

  9. That balance point was spot on, balance is a key factor. I have 1 casting and 3 spinning combos, over the years have learned through experience that a spinning combo can do everything whilst a casting can't handle light, finesse fishing.

  10. I have three spinning rods I use every time I'm out. They also double as walleye rods too. (I have several more, but they're specialty rods such as panfish/trout set ups and inshore saltwater setups) They consist of a 6.8 M XF st croix, a 7.3 M fast st croix (both victory series) and a custom built 7.1 ML XF rod that my buddy built me with a north fork composite blank…. equivalent to about a Loomis GLX. All three are amazing. And I use all three very differently. All three are paired with 3k size piscfun carbon x reels, which is by far the best bang for the buck spinning reel I've ever found, and yes, even more so than the tried and true Pfleuger president.

  11. When do you decide to use rod covers? I think this video is the first one where I noticed you having them on. I don't get what they're for

  12. I absolutely loved my spinning combos! However, after they were pilfered from my truck at a fuel station, i decided to go all-in on baitcasters and never looked back! This video might convince me to add another spinner to the arsenal!

  13. I have a kastking speed demon combo medium fast 7' (casting )that will throw every lite lure I got amazingly cheap too (or was )something like a senko weightless will Go a mile

  14. Man you should try the Fine Grip knot "FG" its honestly simple as can be some people try to hard to explain it, goto Ott Defoes video, Otts Garage and he nails it!!! Perfect knot never slips and it basically a chinese finger trap, doesnt hang on guids just shoots through em like a rocket.. also if you think the FG is a pain in the neck to tie, tie a simple loop and hook it on your handle then wrench it tight, now tie your FG, no holding it tight with your teeth

  15. Just got into fishing this past Fall right at the end of the season…Got to try out my new setup, Shimano Vanford 3000 and St. Croix Triumph 6'6" Medium-Fast and I like it so far…I may get a longer rod though in the future.

  16. Me and a friend had a argument so I told him to cast a weightless grub on a casting setup and he threw the worst birds nest I have ever seen
    Then I threw the same lure in the same spot he was aiming with a spinning setup and caught what would have been his pb of 7lb 10oz and the next day he baught a spinning setup

  17. hey Debo! Just bought the okuma helios 30 size. the spool is crazy small, like 1000 size diameter. I'm afraid of wind knots and poor casting. How is the size of the ITX? Do you find you have trouble with smaller reels?

  18. Okuma EVX rod paired with a Shimano Nasci 3000 is my goto spinning combo. Just picked up an Okuma Psycho Stick and Shimano Vanford 3000 to pair it with. Will see how that combo goes.

  19. How come I keep breaking my swim baits on fluorocarbon what if I just go braid only maybe I need to go to a lighter swimbait with my fluro leader

  20. I just recently started to build my finesse tackle bag for bank fishing. I bought the Plano weekend series bag in the 3500 size. Perfect size for all of my terminal tackle and plastics. Any other finesse rigs I’ve missed? So far I’ve got the Ned rig,dropshot,Neko,mojo,and weightless baits. BTW I don’t use all of the boxes in my tackle bag. Only one of them with all of my terminal tackle. Though I’m pretty heavy on the Ned rig because that’s my primary rig.

  21. I generally use 6 to 7 foot spinning rods for inline spinners and lightweight topwaters and Rapala style baits. I use either a 5'8" or 5'9" spinning rod for Texas rigged 4" worms, as well as 4" worms and grubs on open hook jigheads.

  22. Your tutorial videos are absolutely some of the best out there. Thanks for showing the knot that you tie for your leader to main. I’ve been using the FG knot for a while now and you couldn’t have been more correct when you said it’s a difficult knot to tie.

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