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Okeechobee Bass Worth $11,000 – RAW FOOTAGE

Okeechobee Bass Worth $11,000 – RAW FOOTAGE

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  1. Just PEELING drag! “That’s not good, that’s not good”

    I felt your pain when you said “I lost it”!and then immediately with “I DIDN’T!”

    What an absolutely incredible catch and story!

  2. The only question I have is, what happens to those 2 other people on that boat if they talk?
    Kinda strange how he’s saying things and those 2 are silent.

  3. That was some fast thinking an a amazing fish an sometimes catfish love bass baits an they do like to roll I am not a pro but caught lots of fish an know what it takes to make a good save like that great jod.

  4. Nice fish Bro! Not to sound like an ass,my personal best on Okeechobee is11 pounds 2oz. In 2014,I just wanted to let your viewers know that there are Horses in there!! Keep your lines wet!

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