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[O.S.P CO-BUZZN’] Topwater Cranking [BASS FISHING]

O.S.P. CO-BUZZN’! This is a super shallow running crankbait. I’d say this is a topwater lure! In this video, you’ll see the Topwater Crankbaiting! It’s fun and exciting!

O.S.P. The popular Japanese Bass Fishing brand by Toshinari Namiki (並木敏成), His lure casting technique is kinda magic! People call it “Machinegun Cast” with huge respect. This CO-BUZZN’ is a small version of their iconic lure, BUZZN’ CRANK (バジンクランク).

I hope you all enjoy this video.

#OSP #コバジン #オーエスピー

Rod: Quantum Graphex 5.6 feet
Reel: Quantum Energy PT Left handle 6.3 normal gear.
Line: Silver thread AN40 20lbs
Lure: O.S.P. CO-BUZZN’ オーエスピー コバジン

More and more fishing videos are coming! Fish in a Japanese way!

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  1. I also love this technique !! I have 4/5 co buzzin but I also use a lot of spro's little John and another spro shallow crank whose name I can't remember .. and an old 5'2" Abu Garcia rod Larry Nixon series pistol grip! As always great video, you always manage to convey the emotions and passion for each fishing technique you practice !! GRAZIE!!! BRAVO!!!

  2. I just bought a Brain Thrift series rod made by fitzgerald rods it's a 6'3" it's awesome for poppers and lite top water . You are right it's hard to find short rods . Is their a website you recommend for buying Japanese products?? Thank you !

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