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Northern Michigan Bass Fishing | Ogemaw County Near West Branch

It was a long overdue trip to visit my sister and brother in law up in Lupton, MI. Located just east of West Branch Michigan in Ogemaw County, this area holds some of the most beautiful and picturesqe lakes to fish. On this trip, we targeted Rifle Lake, George Lake and Sage Lake.

While some of the lakes in the area are known to hold both smallmouth and largemouth bass, we were fishing those that were known to hold decent amounts of largemouth. These are multi species lakes, with plenty of panfish and pike as well. Come on along as we venture out into northern Michigan in search of some great bass!


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  1. Live 2 Fish takes us on an exciting fishing adventure in Northern Michigan! The picturesque lakes in Ogemaw County, near West Branch, provide the perfect backdrop for some incredible bass fishing. It's wonderful to hear about your long-awaited trip to visit your sister and brother-in-law in Lupton, MI, and to see the stunning lakes you explored together. Rifle Lake, George Lake, and Sage Lake sound like fantastic fishing destinations. I can only imagine the thrill of reeling in largemouth bass in such beautiful surroundings. Thank you, Live 2 Fish, for sharing this memorable fishing experience with us. Keep up the great work, and I'm eagerly looking forward to your future fishing escapades!

  2. Wow! The northern Michigan Bass population looks very healthy. What a great day out and on a variety of lures. I have a dark sleeper but haven’t thrown it more than once. I see people catching on it but haven’t developed that confidence in it yet. It’s nice to have friends like Andy! Enjoyed it. 😊

  3. Road trip!!! Good job getting that 2nd one out of the pads. Nice Pike some real nice healthy looking bass Joe! Sucks with the lost fish. You guys didn’t have a net on the boat? That bass at the end looked bigger then 16”. That thing was a tank!

  4. Northern Michigan looks beautiful. Pretty cool place to fish as well. I loved seeing those lily pads blooming. A few that got away, a toothy critter, but some really nice bass made for an excellent video. Thanks for taking us along Joe!

  5. Some beautiful largies and bonus pike ! Looked like that was an awesome trip to the northwoods. You and your bro-in-law did solid. Love when they hit everything that goes into the water. It's that time when you just put anything in front of them and they eat it. Love it! So that was 3 different lakes according to your description? I really liked the one with all the lily pads. Froggin for sure 🙌😁

  6. great video! Your drone footage in the beginning is sick! I recommend recording all your clips at 60fps to make sure their not choppy when you edit it together. Great video!

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