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Nipissing Largemouth Bass

Lake Nipissing in Northeastern Ontario has a wide variety of warm water fish. From Muskies to Walleye, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass and so many more, the lake is a fish factory.
While I’m at a standstill between ice out and steelhead fishing, I wanted to post something on the channel. I managed to find some footage from last July, fishing for Largemouth Bass in tough conditions following 2 day’s of crazy storm fronts, locking down the bite.
Temperatures had been scortching hot with high humidity levels.
Initially, I wasn’t gonna post the video only cause there really wasn’t much fish to see. So I added some clips from the previous year fishing in the very same area. Flipping pencil reeds with a Texas rigged craw.
Reality is, fishing doesn’t always come easy.


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