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Night Fishing for BIG Bass!

Welcome back to the channel and this Night Fishing video! We are in the middle of Summer and this is the BEST time of year to head out on the lake after dark and drop the hammer down on some big largemouth! The fish this time of year tend to be a little bit more lethargic and harder to catch some days during the hot hours and begin to become more active as the sun goes down. We have really been enjoying the night bite as of late and hope that you will take advantage of these conditions, get out of the heat, and go catch some bass! All of the bass caught in this video came on a 3/4oz War Eagle Night time Spinnerbait. A spinner bait is a great option for fishing at night. There are several other great lure options too that we plan to go over in a future video on the channel, so stay tuned for that! Thank you so much for watching, be safe on the water, and we will see you on the next episode!

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  1. Hello Cole and Jay ! Cole better watch out eating the hot sauce because it's going to get bad for you. Get you a bottle of pepcid complete and it's the best and fastest way to get rid of heartburn ๐Ÿ’ฏโ™ฅ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ

  2. Eat some bass , eat some bass , for Gods sake eat some darn bass , both of you have caught and ate a truck load of crappie , bass is a good tasting fish โ€ฆ. so Cole have your beautiful wife cook up some bass โ€ฆ.. plz plz plz

  3. Catfish, frogging was this boys dream. Then while working in EasternWashington State I had a fishing buddy that loved to fish Walleye on Lake Roosevelt. We did some tournaments and that was a different kind of fun. He loved to night fish Walleye at night in December. That was a refrigerator kind of fun! Really love your videos…mostly because Ican see the love you two share. You two have something very precious. Good on ya!

  4. You gotta love the night time sounds! I am an old man now , but raised Cajun in south Louisiana rustic camping on Toledo Bend night fishing for Crappie, running Ca

  5. Just caught me a Bass 3lb 14oz chunk hear in Florida night time about 30 min ago had no bites all day then got dark and BOOM Bass after bass Rednblack shad worms wacky rigged amazing night of fishing I had love it going back out tomorrow night fish on guys

  6. I use to night fish under the lights with my grandpa and we caught lots of speckled trout and flounder using glow in the dark trout rigs , I sure miss that.

  7. dude cool channel and a great video.
    ive hit u with a sub hope to get some love back..
    i have a south african bass fishing channel so if any one subs me ill sub back.
    tight line to all!

  8. Love night fishing this time of year when its too hot for the day bite. Use same bait with trailer hook though. Less short strike misses. ๐Ÿ‘on another night fishing video. Ever try worm fishing with Blacklight and flourecent line?

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