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New Year’s Day Bass Fishing on Lake Norman

Dropped into Lake Norman on New Year’s Day to do a little bass fishing. As usual I started checking shallow and fishing some docks as I had seen some fish cruising up shallow. After checking around quite a bit with limited success, I headed offshore to see if they had pulled off for the winter. I ran across more active fish offshore, but they were extremely scattered around. By the end of the day, I had managed to catch quite a few fish, but could not find a definite pattern that was working better than the rest. If I was going to be coming back tomorrow, I would probably head up to some stained water where the fish would be a little more reluctant to leave shallow cover. Overall, it was still a good day, and a good start to the year.


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  1. Just subbed buddy. I have a fiberglass Ranger but want a kayak rig, you ever have a problem with wake boat wakes being on Norman with a yak? Feel free to hit me up if you ever want to fish Norman. I just started my YouTube but I do very well on Norman

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