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New Bluegill Swimbait Gets Destroyed!

Fishing a new 3D bluegill swimbait and topwater frogs! Subscribe for more fishing videos

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  1. I use the Teckel USA sprinkler frog all the time and it looks just like the frog you are using. You can throw it anywhere and the bass love it. Sorry if I missed it but is this your property or a place you can publicly come fish at. I’m a Disabled Veteran and always looking for great catch and release ponds to fish. I love your content and keep up the great work.

  2. What is the time lapse between catches? I fish with live bait and tired of the stink…..what action are you doing to present the bait? Is it just a cast and real in?

  3. Bamabass another great video! Are you going to sell any line through bluegill? I like the line through so the bass can't throw the lure, bass are smart and use the lure against the angler. Have you tried rigging the bluegill "Butch Brown style" for a better hook up ratio?

  4. That was some nice fishing there I really enjoyed that i am a kid fishing YouTuber can you please! Give me tips cause your channel has just blown me away I have been subbed for a while but just recently started watching you more🙂

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