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My PERSONAL BEST BASS – Fishing in Walt Disney World!

My PERSONAL BEST BASS – Fishing in Walt Disney World!

Although we spend most of our time saltwater fishing in the Florida Keys it is always nice to get away and bend some rods in a different setting! We don’t bass fish often but we do love getting to spend some time in Disney World (the HAPPIEST place on Earth) and target the resident large mouths. Little did we know, Amanda was going catch herself a fish to remember!!


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  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh watching this video. It's 15 below zero here in eastern Montana. I'm walking around wearing my western boots, ballcap, and a zip up hoodie.

  2. I just came across your channel and been watching the last couple of days, It is so refreshing to see to gals out fishing having fun and teaching folks how to fish, I have fished a lot of places that you two fish, and the best part about you have your clothes on and it is not a T and A show keep up the good work I really enjoy you two

  3. Watching you channel gave me back into fishing! Love the content & can't wait for spring to come up in CT so I can get back out on the water exploring the rivers, streams & ocean with my rod, reel & tackle box!

  4. You two are a trip. So,my wife and i got the gear we ordered from you guys almost a week ago. Not only did it come in a timely fashion but was very happy to find the printing and fabric was high quality and correct in sizes. In addition to the order was a personalized manifest sheet, a Gale Force sticker AND a laminated picture/ bio card. Who does that? People who care and take care of their business and are meant to go far. Thx ladies.

  5. Love fishing at the Mouse’s House, I fished with JB on my Birthday back in October he put me on fish and went out of his way to make it a good trip after he showed up in the wrong boat and went back for the bass boat. love how righty and lefty share a pair of Fish Monkey gloves LOL.

  6. Awesome video of you guys doing the thing that makes you the most happiest at the Happiest Place on Earth πŸ™‚ Also I learned the big ones are lunkers lol. Super cool ladies, thanks for sharing!

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