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My Largemouth Bass Outfit // Flies and Tackle Setup

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Fly fishing for Largemouth Bass is among the greatest adventures for a backyard angler.

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  1. Straight Up Awesome and Educational Video Bro!!! Keep up the great work…. one question, can you give me the link to the hat you are wearing Please?!?!? These Florida Mangrove sun is burning these ears of mine up!!! Hope your recent south Florida trip was successful too??

  2. Just looked at a number of the products that you recommended. I’ve been an avid bass fisherman all my life!! I’m JUST starting to get into fly fishing.

    I’ve got a pretty decent G.Loomis rod and a basic reel for the time being. Again… I’m much newer to fly fishing but I’ve been an avid bass fisherman all my life!! I tend to carry around 6 rods and reels (two spinning and four baitcasting), and they are fairly decent quality rods and reels! (Around $150 for Boyd Duckett rods and almost $200 per reel of a variety of brands).

    I’ll HAPPILY spend $20 on a conventional bass fishing lure that is proven to work!! I own probably 50+ conventional fishing lures that cost $20 or more!!

    That being said… as COMPLETELY intrigued and interested in broadening my fishing horizons… FFS!!! My G.Loomis cost me over $350!! And I’m seeing all of these fly fishing channels promoting rods that are well over $1000!! Even this Sage rod you are promoting is like $650!!

    Then I look up the fly fishing line you feature… $100 for fishing line!! Then you feature this Foam Slice Frog… I look it up and it’s like $50 for a SINGLE FLY!!!

    I mean… you video is informative and all, especially for someone trying to learn these fly fishing nuances… but FFS, man. At the end of the day I feel like your video left me COMPLETELY discouraged… almost like I have to be some kind of trust fund baby to even enjoy this sport.

    I promise you… I 100% intend this as constructive feedback. I’m not even what most would regard as REMOTELY “poor”!! But there’s just no way in HELL that I can justify spending that kind of money on fly fishing. And to be completely honest… I don’t feel like it’s even remotely NECESSARY to do so.

    Maybe some videos that are a bit more budget-friendly?? Especially during these trying times with high inflation and all?? Wouldn’t it be nice to make fly fishing for bass much more accessible and affordable for regular folks during these trying times?? Does fly fishing have to be so completely exclusive to the elite?? 😢

  3. Sounds to me that fly fishing for bass is an incredibly frustrating lot of guess work and time wasted setting up all these different ways to fish for them. Why not just get a bait caster, some plastic worms, a rattletrap and some other lures and throw that fly rod and all the crap that goes with it out on the side of the road. Fly fishing is complicated, no matter what fish your after, and spinning reels or bait casters or even a Zebco will produce as much fish without all that bull…shi… that goes along with fly fishing. The ideal is to have fun and catch fish not sit and tie a bunch of knots and carry six or seven types of Tippett with x indicators. Tie on some 10 or 15 pound test to your reel along with some bass catching baits and you will be just as disappointed not catching anything as you would following the instructions on this video. I dare anyone to recall all the fishing crap you were just told in this video. It’s always disappointing listening to people who know how to fish because they explain it as if we all are as experienced as they are. Go fishing. Do the best you can. Seek some advice. Apply that advice but don’t go with complicated advice from YouTube teachers cause they dont tell you the real tricks to catch fish. They want to be paid for that and I think they should. If you schedule a trip they will share all they know. You will be smarter and maybe able to catch fish on your own. Fly fishing seems to be a waste of time because I am in the Deep South where we have warm water and no trout. I have never seen someone fishing for bass with a fly rod. I know that it is done but I believe it is only viable in far northern states and out west but not here in the south. It would be very helpful if these videos explained the best way to fish fly rods and all that goes with it on the parts of the country where it has some chance to be effective. I’m sure bass can be caught anywhere or anytime by experienced fly fisherman but the bait caster, spinning reel, or a simple Zebco 202 will catch just as many fish.

  4. Just wondering and would enjoy hearing some feedback. I have a TFO 5/6 WT rod with a Orvis Clearwater large arbor reel. Do you think that will work on what was talked about in this video?

  5. The Payload is an awesome rod for the money, and even though Sage says it has an easy, relaxed casting action, I was blown away by how fun it is to cast. I’ve got it in the 8wt rigged with shooting heads, and it absolutely blasts the line out on the forward cast. I also like a heavier reel with this rod for the same reasons he says. Go with the Spectrum Max if you can afford it—you won’t be disappointed!

  6. Thanks for sharing all the information. This has been, by far, one of the best explanations of bass kit and technique for catching bass.

  7. Man, I've been eyeing that payload rod for bass and pike fishing, I think I'm gonna have to pull the trigger. Maybe through your shop! That jig fly was crazy, I might have to try that out this season!

  8. Man that bass was a beauty! 👍🎣. Really appreciate the bass videos! Love all those fly suggestions, I was writing them down as you went over them and will start tying some up tonight! I got a 6 pounder a few weeks ago fishing for bluegill on my 3wt. Lotsa luck involved in landing that one.😅 Will be applying the shorter leader advice.👌 Thanks so much for the great tips and information! Have a great one! 🎣

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