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My FISH Died from this…

In today’s video, I find a bunch of my pet fish DEAD at pond x! Recently its gotten pretty cold in florida and that led to many of my exotic fish dying, including a MASSIVE peacock bass, jaguar cichlids, snakeheads, and more… We also set our giant fish trap in the pond and caught out another invasive snakehead, and a native florida gar! Hopefully most of the fish survived in pond x and we can continue to grow its ecosystem!




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  1. So sorry you lost your fish from the cold weather. I just discovered your channel, have watched several of your videos, and am enjoying your youthful enthusiasm.
    Sorry to say I can’t stay, you seem so sweet, but the way our Lord Jesus Christ’s name is flying out of your mouth so often, breaks my heart.
    God bless you in your endeavors. 😇

  2. What would you kill it what the f*** did that snakehead do to you nothing all it ways doing was just living and yet you still killed it probably was there to get out of the cold front there was no need to kill it

  3. What the fuck? You pulled two fish from a pond and instead of disposing of them responsibly, you dump them into a creek to spread any disease or parasites that they might harbour. That is just irresponsible and stupid. WTAF are you thinking?

  4. Pond x and the fish in there was my joy it broke my heart to see that there were dead fish so if you want I can give you my 10 pound peacock and 9 meter long snakehead sorry for your fishy loss

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