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My First SOLO Bass Fishing TOURNAMENT (Bad Idea)

Today I fished my first ever SOLO bass fishing tournament! My first tournament of the year was on my favorite river ramp, so I had to fish it. After a long day of fishing we caught some fish and almost lost my bass boat.


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  1. Logan You did work never fell bad all work is a good Every day you have the opportunity to learn Keep throwing it will come together Quitting never pays off

  2. im not one to say anything but, have some pre made ads to put in your videos and just fish your heart out and keep your head up, we all know it can be tough. Best of luck hope you reach your goal

  3. Quitters never win! Winners never quit! Not hating bud! We’ve all had are teeth kicked in a time or two if you fish tournaments but you have to fish until the last second 🤙🏻

  4. Logan love the content! I am a new fishing YouTuber and you inspired me. Your videos keep me going and to never doubt that I can reach 1,000 subscribers. You are an inspiration Logan.

  5. Man tough break bro you caught 2 smalls and I totally understand the frustration. Can’t wait to see what happens in your next tournament. The fish are still on the other side of slow. They don’t like fast food lol hahaha🤭🤭🤭🎣🎣🤣🤣🤣

  6. First thing I noticed 30 K Congrats Logan. Your tournament was better than my walk around a pond yesterday at least you touched two fish. Keep on hitting up some more tournaments.

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