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My Favorite Swimbaits To Fish In The Winter Time For Big Bass!

Winter is here and that means colder temps and the anticipation of catching giant bass on big trout imitating swimbaits! In this video I go over some of my favorite winter time swimbaits and why I think they are amazing baits to try and catch that giant fish!


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  1. I live in az too I don’t have a boat so it’s a little hard to fish the lakes around me. I’ve caught some big smallies on the s waver and on the mattlures u2 Gill

  2. Wish they did that in NJ, Im already dragging soft plastic baits across the bottom super slow cracked a couple nice ones today with a little Creeper American sunfish

  3. Sometimes albino trout get thrown into the tanks to be stocked and they usually get hammered pretty quick, that could be what they see that mother as. At least here in Nevada you’ll see quite a bit of albinos swimming around right after they stock.

  4. Hey man I’m looking for a good production rod to throw average size glides. I was looking at the Megabass levantine leviathan do you have and thoughts on it? Great video, thanks for the info!!

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