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My Dock Float Technique Is The Balls For Big Bass…(On The Water Demo)

Randy gives some tips and advice for fishing dock floats…#fishing #bass #bassfishing #fishthemoment #fishthemoment #largemouthbassfishing #catchandrelease #catchandrelease #smallmouthbassfishing #fishinglife #bassmasteropens #docks 

Lake map breakdowns…

Blaukat Old School Jig link…


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  1. Just got a green Peter. A few moments later, it has red eyes, red tail, and Ryugi back hooks. You don't want to know about what I'm doing to my ultra realistic frugal jerkbaits. These kids should tell me about fishing.

  2. Is the balls?….what generation says that? Lol. Like the "on the water"….wish you woulda have showed off you pro flipping, pitching and skipping ability.

  3. My man featured on the 1986 87 Bassmaster West Point on Lynn Dollar. Randy, was that Danny in the room with you talking strategy? Knowing the commando theory…sure am glad the camera man stopped…

  4. Vulgar term – always hated it – not enough to make me stop watching your videos but I thought you'd want to know. Information you provide is incredible. You're better than this title Randy – it embarrasses me

  5. I click the heck out of the view products items! Why? Because I am grateful to this guy for teaching us so much. Lets support this channel cuz it’s only getting better with time

  6. Is the balls?!? Lol. I like how Randy actually listens to his viewers. People been asking for on the water videos and he been doing them for us. Randy you are the balls!!! 😂

  7. Hey Randy, video idea:. What to do about a bad jig bite. Found some big fish before the tournament. But a severe storm came through and ruined the bite. Switched to a jig and pig and generated some bites but they were soft and felt different than the normal dink to the back of the throat. Lost too biggins that just pulled off at the boat. And it is haunting me what could I have done differently. Waited a little longer or maybe not as long to set the hook? Would love to hear your advice thanks!

  8. We never see river smallies at our spot in Idaho over 1-1/2#. The section of Snake River we fish is stained, 3-20' depth with floating, loose grass throughout the column, very limited amounts of shade (no docks other than the ramp) and under moderate pressure. We use a 7-yo Lowerance mainly for depth & temp as the river can change 20" when they open the dam. As you know, a 1# bronze bass can fight like a 3# bighead. We really would like to experience a 3# smallmouth. Wishful thinking?

  9. Nice video Randy. I fish Norfork primarily and live on the Missouri side of the boarder. We could do a short fishing trip on my boat with my setup and you film it for your channel? A little pro/novice angler type thing. What to do/not to do. Common novice mistakes, etc. if your interest shoot me a reply. Thanks again for the videos.

  10. ***PLEASE ADVISE: Your thoughts on chasing river smallmouth (Snake River in Idaho) with very limited shade, moderate pressure, grassy bottom + loose floating grass throughout the 3-20' column (treble hooks almost impossible), and stained water? we never see fish >1-1/2# and know there MUST be some… somewhere.

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