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My CRAZY Method To Catch A Bass – BPT Stage 5 Day 3 (“Trimmed Up” Ep. 28)

The Knockout Round of the Bass Pro Tour event at Cayuga Lake is HERE and I have to catch a BIG BAG of bass to advance to the next round! This video shows y’all all the fish I caught to make it to the championship round of Major League Fishing Stage 5! SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed to keep up with the series👍🏼

■ My Spinning Rod from this video (7’M):
■ My Marabou Hair Jig:
■ Drop Shot Hook:
■ Drop Shot Bait (2.8″):

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  1. Wish you the best – but the sport is getting softer and softer with live imaging and whatever contraption you guys use to see fish in that cylinder thing. I hope they ban all of that

  2. Been rooting for you for quite some time. Your admission of your ethics, makes me happy I have. And I believe that has always been evident.
    Watching the coverage, it didn't surprise me some badgered to be allowed to catch the same fish over and over.
    Was pretty sad.
    Thanks for sharing the journey. As for me, longer videos would be ok
    Keep it rolling!!

  3. Great video! In your earlier ones your background with largies makes it difficult to judge the smallies. I watch others in this tournament, and it's crazy how heavy those smallies are. They look like 2 lbs or more less than they are.

  4. The diversity of your fishing to catch the big ones in different fisheries is funny to watch, Alton! The frequent videos are like a great size to digest frequently and lift the spirit for us who enjoy the sport.

    Thanks for letting Aggies tag along!😂

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