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My Biggest Bass Ever!! – I Broke My Record!

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Finally Broke My Record Bass! I have fished all over the World and this is the moment I have dreamed about for years! Breaking my Record Bass on film with a “Cast to Catch” was unbelievable. I hope you all enjoyed sharing this moment with me. Thank You!!

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  1. Congratulations on your newPB! I’m a SW Louisiana saltwater fisherman and I’ve been fishing freshwater off and on. Cypress Bend on Toledo Bend has hooked me freshwater. My PB is only 6.4,but the cast before was my PB 6.2. God Bless you!

  2. My PB is a n 8lb 8oz largemouth caught in Lake Oswego. Oregon April 1974 on a 3/8th oz black football jig and skirt with a real porkrind frog trailer.

  3. My PB is 7# range, prior to digital scales. The first was on a 2 1/4" grey Joe Big O. About a week later I caught his sister, that was slightly bigger from the same spot on a chartreuse Mud Bug in 1976. A few years ago, I gave those two lures to a kid was just getting into bass fishing. It was on a POA lake that I fished regularly.

  4. my pb is only 3.5 lbs on a pop r bass color i fish lots of hugs and big swimbaits i hope and wish for a bigger fish one day but i’m limited to bank fishing

  5. 6 pounds bass with chatter baits can't say best bait I ever ask xd but ya men best bait I ever purchased may not be as big as yours but it's a good size bass

  6. My pb was just shy of 11. I had a terrible day of fishing and on my way in tied on a cheap wal mart top water popper that had been sitting in my tackle box for years. just wanted show them something different. First cast, first pop it blew up on it! Looked like a great white going after a seal. I haven’t caught a fish on that crappy lure since.

  7. My PB is 10lb'er. Caught it on a tequila sunrise worm. Very small local lake that was draining due to the overflow pipe rusting out. Caught the 10 and a 5 out of the same channel that was still holding water before it went totally dry. Pretty wild.

  8. My PB was on March 11th on private pond with yellow skirt spinner bait weighted 7.5 I wanted to leave and weigh but my buddy didn’t want to. So I went back to the same spot first cast caught an 8.2. 😊

  9. Beautiful fish I was fortunate 2 years ago and cought 2 over 13lbs in the same morning within 5 cast of each other I know something like that will never happen to me again it was a once in a lifetime morning of fishing I cought them both on a slug-o it was a. 13.7 and a13.3

  10. my pb is like 5lb 1oz. It didn’t fight as hard as I heard a 5 lber would fight like. A 16 inch lake trout fought way harder than that fish bc he ripped line on the same setup, same drag setting, and that laker fought me for like 3 minutes. That was a tank though

  11. nice one…..years ago I lipped a 14.6 lbs. bucket mouth at lake Guerrero Mexico for my boat partner. To this day, we still discuss the fact that I made him release it!!!! I have the picture framed and hanging in my office…. it still brings many interesting conversations to new clients that see it for the first time. I have only caught one over 10 lbs. in my life and hope again one day for another. Bass of that size like yours are truly called "Monsters"!!!!!! My tip for your viewers is "always be prepared for that moment" because you never know when the next cast might reap of that sort of reward….there are many fish tales of the one that got away and how big it was. Keep the faith Scott and love the content.

  12. Of course they send clothes to a millionaire that don't have time to go shopping, how about sending it to someone that don't have the money to go shopping??

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