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Multiple BIG Bass & Giant Swimbait Fish!! Two Weeks Of Winter Bass Fishing PAYS Off

I’ve been fishing a ton the last two weeks and it’s been a serious struggle to put together a video. I finally got enough content to throw something together, and caught an absolute donkey to finish my day off.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video, let me know in the comment section down below & leave a like on the video if you want another 30 day fishing challenge!


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  1. I was out in Tennessee last January. Air temps in the low 20’s to mid 40’s. Water temps 40-43. I caught 90% of my bass (smallmouth, Largemouth & spots ) on Damiki Vault blade baits and tailspins! Blades I’d jig on the bottom and tailspins cast and pendulum mid water column! My point, that combo put fish in the boat when nothing else got bit!

  2. I saw you a Diascund Reservoir a few weeks ago my buddy caught a 6.7 on a Megabass Jerkbait, i skunked but that was the only fish we caught fishing in Virginia has been tough but im from Texas & im not used to this type of fishing but im still learning how to these Virginia waters we went to the power plant lake too & it was tough but we caught a few the struggle is real

  3. What’s up Matt? I saw you a few times out fishing and was looking for your video but now I know why I didn’t see one lol. I also have been out a lot lately I went to lake Anna last week and caught 2 one 2 liber and a 6pound 1 ounce stud on a jig with pork. I have been doing pretty good on chick river and caught a few in the lake. Caught like 10 striper at the end of the day like dusk at the dam on the river and the crappie are schooling up big time so it should be popping off here before too long. Can’t wait.

  4. Have to give Ni River Reservoir! Some of the best bass fishing I know of in Virginia, but they don’t allow you to use anything besides a troll motor

  5. Nice big fish Matt. I tried the big bait you gave me and had my first bite on it. Scared the heck out of me as it doubled the rod over. Never got to see the fish because it got off, but I could tell it was huge. Thanks for the bait.

    p.s. after throwing that bait for a half hour when I picked up my other rods they felt like a feather.

  6. I was wondering why content was few and far between…until January. That month was absolutely my WORST time ever fishing. Only got 4 the entire month. Had a 4week dry spell. Waters were flooded or frozen. Hope February turns around for you. I've already quadrupled my Jan. total with a week left.

  7. Hey dude!! I’m sure you’ve considered this…BUT as an avid Greg Blanchard fan I say, don’t be afraid to show us those rough stretches! The struggle of trying to figure it out is so relatable and while it may not feel like much when it’s happening I think it’s still something folks would find compelling. Throwing different stuff, trying different lakes and while you may not figure out what to do, you also figure out what NOT to do and it can be really informative…that’s just my opinion of course, glad to see you keeping at it as always!

  8. It can't be all good — gonna have times that aren't so great …. for most anything. No worries! Not bad luck my friend — just no luck (or not much). Then ya have those ones that take the cake; you definitely scored on those. Ya gotta love it in order to do it —- and you grind. The content isn't for the lack of trying, so that is a success and Spring is just 'round the corner. Nice vid bud…….. Be Safe

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