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Most Anglers Are Clueless About Water TINT

In today’s Intuitive Angling YouTube video, Randy gives tips and advice to help understand how water clarity effects fish, movement and behavior…#fish #angler #bassmaster #fishing #fishingdaily #bassfishing #catchandrelease #fishingtrip #bass #fishinglife

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  1. I’m one of those anglers who is clueless about this subject but I can promise you that I can find and catch bass no matter what the situation is any time of the year in public ponds. There’s a a lot of anglers depending on private farm ponds just to show how good they are. 🦦

  2. 3 million years 😂 love you but science is not nothing but what in perfect man comes up with to deny God's existence evolution nothing evolves I'm still man no fish look at complexity of eye male and female all species that's designed not evolved sorry b conflict but I like fishing info not weather man in science that can't get it right as well

  3. My Guru Buck Perry classified fishing water in 5 types . Brown Cypress is least desirable Then comes Clear/ Drinking ,Yellow-Green as middle of road Followed Up by Red Sandy ,Best being White Sandy. Being a 30 year traveling pro do you agree ? Does Missouri and Kansas have any Sandy water available ?

  4. Man i poke you on your opinion videos, your foundational core fishing videos are top shelf. Hope you can put this topic into a deep dive or a continued quarterly chat. Good stuff Mr. B.

  5. Heres a question: How do you measure water clarity? When I worked as a fisheries biologist we used a device called a Secchi Disk (its a 6 inch circle of plastic divided into black and white quadrants, you lower it into the water until you can no longer see the edges between the black and white parts).

    So when you reference clarity, are you talking the maximum depth where you can still see the bottom? Or is it how deep you can see the bait you intend to use? Or do you use an actual Secchi Disk?

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