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Mike Long Bass Fishing – Big Bass Outlaws

Mike Long – what a disappointment


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  1. Mike Long will ever be remembered as a big stinking POS cheater. When anyone brings up the subject of cheater Mike Long’s name will come up.

  2. Word has it when “Dottie” was caught again after this (weighing over 21lbs) they couldn’t believe how quick she put the extra weight on. Before being released, she was so upset about them saying how fat she was, she swam back up and stuck her face up out of the water and said “imagine just sitting there at your nest thinking of names for your kids, when out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain and all I could see is my baby’s getting further and further, then the next thing I know I have a bunch of splinters”.

  3. “There she goes! Catcha Later!”
    (Drops like a rock straight to the bottom then he splashes water at his face with his hand)
    “Oh, she got me! LOL!”
    “Another clean release, Mike!”
    “You da man, Mike!”
    “Well my work is done, here. Thanks for coming out.”
    “The Bass Whisperer”
    “Matt Allen & Tim Little aren’t even 20 club members.”

  4. A 4 power jig rod handles 1/4 to 1 oz. lure. 12 to 25 lb line.
    15 lb line is light for a jig. For a 1.6 oz. swimbait, this set up is grossly underpowered and the wrong action.
    A spinning rod with 10 lb line for a 1.6 oz swimbait is embarrassing. To hook it on the spinning rod, then somehow land it on a jig rod is straight up Fantasy Land.

    From Mikes behavior with Dotty at the dock, the gear he was using, and his spinning rod to jig rod story I would have been all, “that’s quite a story.” “I’d leave the spinning rod part out.”

    He might have also cruised back to dock with the trolling motor forcing water in her mouth like a windsock, if he wanted the biggest fish.

  5. Just a question, all you Bass anglers down in San Diego let this piece of shit get away with murder for years. And everyone says they where scared of him. Was he some ex high school football player bad ass??? Butch Brown said when he went down to SD to check out the lakes, he remembers seeing a lot of guys snag fish on beds. It was a San Diego “Thang” I guess. That’s fucked up😳

  6. I caught one ten pounder my whole life and that fish jumped and fucking had so much fight in it it did not come up sideways …….fucking cheater he I heard he also used nests in bass beds when lakes where closed

  7. You can tell all these video are fake, all the bass was caught in action was all completely weak and was caught before, probably threw the fish back in and re-reel it in again just to say they caught it in action, both of these men are fake. And should be ban

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