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You don’t always have to use big jigs to catch big bass. I fished for bass at the dam the other day in semi clear water and experimented with casting micro of finesse jigs for smallmouth and largemouth bass. The trick is these lures still have fairly strong hooks and the features of a standard fishing jig however they are downsized in shape and presentation making them the perfect lure for targeting highly pressured fish or smallmouth bass. We fished current breaks created by rock pile – current being the key to these summer fish, keeping the water oxygenated as well as moving bait such as shad and bluegill through the area continually. It’s a great way to fish for summer GIANT summer bass.

What kind of micro jigs were we fishing, what kind of fishing rods, fishing line, and overall terminal tackle? Find links to everything we used to catch these summer fishing at Tackle Warehouse below:

Micro Jig War Eagle 1/2oz

Finesse Soft Plastic Craw

Ti 7′ 3″ Fishing Rod

15# Flourocarbon Fishing Line

Map for finding rock piles

Lowrance HDS LIVE Sonar I’m using

My Costa Sunglasses

Fishing Gloves for Sun Protection

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  1. Awsome MBRF! 👌 I got on A finesse jig bite a few times.and I couldn't believe how just a small difference got bit vs full-sized jigs.or footballs. I'd try the bigger profiles ,and go months without a bite. Once I trimmed a few skirts,and added some action trailers I wS getting some jig fish!I went back and forth w small tungsten missile jigs, to bass pro models I trimmed skirts on. To dirty jigs finesse jigs. Probably find a boss head and make my own next time👍👌

  2. Just a random question have you ever fished with a blade bait like heddon sonar or mann's little George, if so could you give a few tips on them? I've heard they're good for fall, winter, and late winter early spring

  3. Enjoyed the video as usual! I use those ball head finesse jigs alot, which action rod would you reccomend using for finesse jigs? I use a heavy action and medium heavy action rod I'm leaning more towards med hvy. With back bone

  4. Congrad with this big Smally Bass, but heard you say fishing a micro jig ?!
    I use micro jigs about 2 untill 5 grams and even search google i dont see 14 grams micro jigs
    In mine option its not micro . . . but just a half onz 14 grams jig head 🤔

  5. Time for an Ultrex, Mikey! I know, I know….cha-ching $$! I just put one on my aluminum 1772 Lowe Bass Boat 3 weeks ago because I have been fishing my local lake for years but more recently, 2-4 days a week and the wind is ALWAYS blowin' at least 20+ mph from 9:30am till evening. Wind and current used to be so damned frustrating for boat control which is so critical as you well know. Now, it's the most incredible thing to use spot lock to be able to finesse fish in wind or hands-off navigate a rhumb-line course at your desired speed while you pitch or flip off the back deck where it's ultra stable and safe from the rollers and wakes generated by Googans. It's real easy on the batteries, too with the new digital tech. Ultrex is great and waaayyy less costly than the new units by Lowrance and Garmin which are over $3k now! Geezuz, I sh*t when I pulled the trigger on the Ultrex and THAT was off the hook at $2.3k! I hate the cliche but literally, all the guys I personally spoke to that had one said "Game Changer!" and I swore I wouldn't go there. Dude…'s a GAME CHANGER! Sell the kids….sell the wife. Keep Bog, though! Just get one, Bro!

  6. Believe it or not i have caught more variety and a lot more of fish useing a tiny trout and crappie and bream magnet than any other bait. I learned it one day fishing for bream. But i kept catching some decent large mouth and spots and a few drums here and there but man.if it gets tough i can throw a trout magnet on and will usley have a fish in minutes. I don't know what they love about them things but they do.

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