Meat Hunting Livescopers Begin To Decimate America’s Bass Fisheries

Randy talks about people that use livescope to keep and eat bass…#catchandrelease #bassmaster #fish #angler #bassfishing #bass #fishingdaily #fishing #fishingtrip #fishinglife #fishing #livescope

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  1. Alot of people would say the same thing about the 100k boat with a 250hp that goes 75mph and has three 12" graphs on it right???? But we can pick one innovation and say no way??? Its pretty hypocritical to use everything but livescope and stand on a pedestal

  2. You will never be part of the solution Randy until you quit tournament fishing. Just the pot calling the kettle black. Your tournaments are the reason for high fish death. Without tournaments the kill rate would go down and there would be no need for Livescope.

  3. As a tool FFS is amazing and I absolutely love using it, as far as using it for fishing we do not, we go out and just fish, my step dad does his thing for bass and I setup for catfish. Beyond Happy I was able to come upon your channel big eye opener.

  4. You should see what they are doing on Lake Erie, targeting breeding grounds of Perch and Walleye. Limiting multiple times a day on the same body of water, or morning fishing Maumee and Sandusky in the afternoon or evening. The only saving grace is the record hatch of both and no bloom this year. 2+2=1 in this age of rampant narcissism, I see that as our greatest challenge. The Me instead of We.

  5. Maybe the best solution is bring limits down to two or maybe even 1 for bass. A few lakes already have. This would still allow the guy who only gets out there occasionally to bring a big one home once in a while but stop the people with no regard for the fishery from decimating the population.

  6. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will be buying a live scope immediately. To fill my freezer catch and release is the problem. You're not going to eat a fish. You have no business catching it in the first place. You have your opinions and I have mine.

  7. One of the best defense against this is to stop the world economic forem's war on meat. With powerful entities working to price average people out of animal protein wild game will become a replacement of store bought meat for more and more people.

  8. I primarily catch and release especially bass. Of course in a tournament you must release them after weigh in. I have a video on my channel you should watch. I'm bass fishing down a bank on Lake Chesdin. I see a older man crappie fishing on the bank near the bridge. I'm in my 1994 Ranger 372V Apache. I asked him if he was catching any and he replied no. I asked him if he wanted a couple bass I caught. I know he is there for food to feed him and his family. He said yes he wanted them. I trolled to the bridge and handed them off a 2 pounder and a 1.5. The first fish I handed him he threw up in the road……instead of handling them as a creature. Mind you he is older and cannot get around easy especially on a 45 degree concrete bridgeway. I felt I was doing good by offering needed food to an elder. I will also keep some pond bass if my Pastor wants some fillets for him and his wife. I support catch and release. Watch my video..

  9. Think really it's best to direct your complaints to the game and fish depts. and for all you know someone keeps bass once or twice a year with livescope or not. I'm negative livescope myself but I'm not gonna hammer on someone doing something legal. The tourney folks and game and fish depts are the ones to go after in my opinion

  10. Yeah. There's a fish taco mentality out there. Unfortunately, people want to catch and not think. They don't understand or appreciate the challenge of the sport of fishing.

  11. Absolutely. I remember as a kid who loved fishing the curiosity of what might be under the water beneath me. It was part of the allure, the challenge and excitement of the fishing experience? It what got me hooked 40 years ago. When you found the fish and had a great day it was magical. A shame that feeling , curiosity, wonder and excitement will soon be lost. I encourage all livescope users to just get a fishing video game and leave the real fishing to future generations?

  12. I'm not saying i've never eaten a bass…but i can honestly say i've never met someone who targets bass as food. We were on perch, crappie, walleye, steelhead, and whitefish in the spring, then bass for fun, and now were on king and coho for food again, then whitefish when the weather gets bad, and then walleye and perch on the ice. There are people who WANT bass over all the good eaters? Thats crazy to me…but there are limits to prevent them from getting to many. That being said…FFS is super cool…but it doesnt belong in pro fishing. Neither does practice.

  13. think about this.. since catch and release became a thing.. each lake you claim has been decimated is only because of catch and release.. its not that the fish arent there in those lakes..or if people ever stopped eating fish from those lakes its that catch and release has made the fish that much harder to catch. people never stopped eating bass. its funny how bass fisherman dont want to accept the fact that 20 years of catch and release has ruined fisheries.. by making the fish a lot smarter then they ever would have been.. how do i know.. i fished castaic lake one of the most popular lakes in the last 20 years… its tough to catch bass. the lake also has stripers.. and you can catch them all day long like how you used to be able to catch largemouth.. are the largemouth or smallmouth gone or decimated.. nope.. just a lot smarter. if anything there is an over abundance of largemouth and smallmouth.. luckily the lake has a lot of bait to support it so its not that bad but ya.. i would never want someone to learn bass fishing there because it is that hard. why because of catch and release. one pound and less fish will get caught multiple times daily.. by the time they are 3lb they are smarter then 10 lbers on other lakes with less pressure. if you ever see pros with old school sonar.. they do the same thing as ffs. lol… its just more advanced and easier now. but no joke.. ive seen ocean vids them showing the old school sonar you can see their line and bait and the fish come up on it.. and we know the old sonar isnt going anywhere so people have been doing this for a very very long time. and the fisheries are still thriving.. except for when you are targeting the fish that have been caught and released. you want to really check my opinion. get that bass fishing app where people post fish they catch fish brain i think its called. a lake you think isnt producing fish ect.. check that on fish brain and you will see the people who know the lake are owning there. and most of the time those arent even the people who can fish that area the best because they dont post lol.

  14. For everyone out there that says or thinks there's to many bass to be fished out. Look at history, how many animals have we humans hunted to extinction or near extinction?!! How long ago some of that's happened with a massively smaller population of us! We can easily whipe out any species's if we're not careful & mindful. If we don't have conversation on mind, extinction of almost everything in the wild is inevitable unfortunately!!!! How can anyone argue that with a straight face or facts???

  15. They don't taste that good, their a sport fish, it's 2023, we don't need keep sport fish to eat for survival. In my opinion they should be released so they can grow bigger & be caught again

  16. Unfortunately fish and wildlife drag their feet but the state biologists state that you are better off harvesting the fish you catch out in the deep. Not all fish float when they die especially when there bladders are compromised .
    Remember what happened with hunting deer over the past 100 years and the risk of extinction in the fifties, now we have tag limits and a few times a year we can hunt. I would hate to see the regulators limited our fishing times to only a few days in a year, but it’s a thought…..

  17. Absolutely right Randy, I started bass fishing in the early 70's when bass fishing was great, Im not a tourney guy but I did notice since tournament bass fishing got so popular, My local lakes got harder to catch bass especially quality bass and now I got to deal with ffs 😮 and just wait for them to be affordable to the average angler.We are in some serious trouble for us as well as to future anglers

  18. Not moved by the purely emotional appeal using pictures of dead “Bassbi” (Randy’s version of dead Bambi). Still waiting for this channel to produce a single scientifically conducted study supporting the statements made time and again about the huge impact on fisheries. I agree that common sense warrants taking a closer look. So what game department or university contacts do you have that are doing that? Name an organization you’re working with to find facts, please.

  19. My crappie fishing friends were keeping the bass they caught after they stripped the lakes of crappie with there death scopes like MR Peabodys coal mine. I informed them that DNR does not do stocking programs for Bass like they do crappie and that the Bass they killed probably comes from the first stock introduced to the lake.

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