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Mastering The Art Of Jig Fishing In The Summer

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  1. Hmmm, @7min, you have me wondering if maybe using my old frogging hooks could be re-purposed and used on a swing head jig? Maybe using a white toad skewered on those double hooks??

  2. Creek arms where I fish are loaded with with small blue gill right now. I had some success this week on a swim jig in blue gill color with keitech trailer around blow downs. Gonna try heavier football jig this week and stay closer to the bottom like you all are saying. Good video.

  3. Jimi, you may not realize it, but you are becoming one of the preeminent fishin' guys. Your style, presentation manner and knowledge are really coming through stronger and stronger. Keep up the great work. We are with you!

  4. The Jig is only one of the only two bass baits in my arsenal that I've never caught a fish with. The other one is the spinner bait.
    I must just be holding my mouth the wrong way as I'm reeling them in.
    I haven't given up on them, I've just never caught a fish with a them.

  5. Another great video, keeping it real. I lost my swing head jigs w/ biffle bugs and some nice Colorado single blade black/blue spinnerbaits last weekend in rocks or laydowns at DHL, replacements arrived Thursday! I will try the bluegill on the swing head jig tonight.

  6. You had me at jigs!!! Summer is the best time for big jigs for sure. I like to drag a 3/4 flipping jig because of all the vegetation we have. I can use a brown football jig in a few spots that have clean bottom and I catch tons of fish with both types. If you have trouble fishing a jig just keep it simple. Use a brown, green, or blue jig depending on conditions/clarity and buy a pack of craw baits for trailers like Christie Craws or Rage Craws. Then cast it out, let it sink to the bottom, and drag it slowly along with rod sweeps to the side and reel up the slack. Repeat all the way back to the boat/bank. When you feel a bite, reel down and set the hook like you're trying to snatch that fish's dentures out!

  7. It might sound stupid but I've just never seemed to have luck anywhere around me (Michigan) with jigs. Everyone else seems to have huge confidence in them. I have had far more success with many different presentations, and always assumed I was doing some things wrong with jigs. Thanks for the tips, I lose sleep when I can't seem to dial in a technique as simple as a jig lol.

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