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MASSIVE 15″ Worm Catches BIG BASS!!! (Brand New 6th Sense Rod Reveal!!!)

Today, we head out on the lake to do some Summertime bass fishing! Watch so see how we fare on the lake and to get the scoop on some amazing new rods from 6th Sense fishing!!

LINK TO RODS!!! ***Use Code: “CJ10” to SAVE on Your Order!***



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  1. Dame … awesome fishing … love your vids .. hahaha .. Cole it's all about LA DODGERS … hahaha … yes you will be hearing about the Dodgers through out the season .. all in fun .. so Cole good luck on your team loser … hahaha . Love you guys later.

  2. Hey guys love the videos so I went and bought a rod and tackle. Not much of a fisherman but learning a lot from u guy but need to learn how to hook up leads an much more. I be watching and listening with baited breath breath. Sorry about the pun. Ontario Canada, I will also be checking back on previous vids for tips and instruction. Thanks guys.

  3. Nice new rods…. I haven't tried this yet, but the word is, to take the memory out of fishing line, you remove the stickers and glue off the spool, add water to a five gallon bucket and soak the entire spool in the water for 7 days. Then string your reel. I'm fixing to try this. If you guys try this maybe we can share our results…

  4. Nice start..with some nice bass, but sometimes the fishing just happens. Surprised you didn't hear me yelling to keep trying different worms though,lol
    Man, 6th Sense is taking care of you guys, some really nice stuff, and those new rods seem awesome! Don't forget though..light colored hats for summer fishing, dark can cook ya..learned that from experience 😉 Those really nice darker ones come back in the fall and after though. Glad to see Jay with some water resistant outerwear too!

  5. Very nice rods 😊 I hope they catch some monsters for you Jay in the next worm challenge 😬 I hope yours catches some monsters too Cole, just not bigger than Jays 😂😂

  6. That's just like a man to brag about the size of his worm, pretty impressive a 15 incher , I use to use a 12 inch electric blue back in the 80's and 90's!

  7. Hi Cole and Jay I have three 10 ft poles I use for fishing and three Campos about 14 ft long I use for fishing. I use my 10 ft fishing poles salmon bass fishing catfish in the state of Indiana

  8. Y'all ñeed to try a worm called Kellys, plow-jockey 2 hook weedless! You want to rig a ßplit shot sinker about 10 in. ahead of the worm and i slways heard this called a texas rig?😁 Oh and í use the black one with yellow stripes and the purple one to be most effective colors!😁

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