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March Bass Fishing Baits!! (My TOP 4!)

MARCH Bass Fishing Baits!!! On this week’s Episode of Ike in the Shop we cover my Top 4 March baits! Come on folks let’s watch!!

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  1. I really like the advice but damn, you have to turn the volume down just to watch a video because he screams when he talks, apparently this dude doesn't have an inside voice! Probably just a thing to set himself apart from other guys but good advice anyway

  2. Great notes. 3/7 took 2 6’s and an 8 on a spinner bait. Last week it was a beaver type bait was the bomb. Temps in north Texas 58-64
    Thanks for the videos
    Tight lines and Godspeed

  3. Thanks so much mike, I’m from lower PA and the bass in my local lake have just started creeping up shallower. Tried some shallow water craw pattern crank baits, and man they work! Thanks again Ike!

  4. Can’t tell ya enough how helpful your vids are. First season doing a handful of bfl events and locally off the back of the boat. Soon to start here on the upper Chesapeake. We call it home. Lol

  5. PREACH IT BRUTHA ! I'm getting my Crazy Leg Chigger Craws, Flat Worms, Power Hogs, Pitt Bosses, and Crash Craws all ready to go! Rugby/swing, Ringed TX, Neko…aaaaaannnd…MATT STEFAN'S CORE TACKLE HOVER RIG HOOK…just a little Pro tip, from me to you…bahahahah!

  6. It’s funny he wears dark colored clothes and uses dark color items for fishing that you can’t see. Try using dark against lije color clothing or vise versa. Simple and it could be helpful.

  7. I have to disagree with the north baits mike,here in pa,beltzville specifically the squarebill is a killer and a small hair jig or spider part jig works best,you should come up and fish beltzville lake with me,it’s close to wacky worm bait shop

  8. I know you said creature baits but during the spawn and a lizard which is suppose to be egg eaters should be at the top of it. I never hear anyone talk about lizards this day and age. And for me it was the top producer years ago.

  9. The James River where I am ( around Richmond) the river is still really blown out, and looks like weak coffee and a lot of cream! Lol. Still pretty high and a bit chilly still. Not sure we have hit spawn yet. Can't really get out and wade cuz the current and under tow is ripping pretty darn hard. Just a bit dangerous

  10. Hi Mike,Thanks for the great tips, I really enjoyed watching you fish with my good friend Mike Breeding on the Susquehanna , Would love to meet you one of these days. Take care Mike. Never give up !!!!!

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