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Lure Fishing For Bass | Scottish Bass Fishing #lurefishing#bassfishing#tailwalk#ukbassfishing

In this little excursion away from the north east we try for a summer Scottish Bass. Conditions aren’t the easiest with bright sunshine, seals and a howling southerly wind.

David talks through his thinking behind the tactics employed and manages to come up with the goods with a couple of fin perfect Scottish Bass.

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  1. When there's seals about, I'll actually follow them. Caught many bass that way.
    Even during blanks, schoolies will always teach you, hence another reason for their name. It's good to see Scotland getting some bass. Even here in Dublin the bass fishing has improved big time.

  2. Lovely stuff! I really like the way you explain your tactics and how to learn. As a newbie to lure fishing (only had one attempt at bass up here in Scotland, as mainly go rock fishing for pollock etc) your videos are educational and inspiring. Can I ask; do you go braid, to a fluro leader? Or braid direct to lure?
    And how do you attach the lure? I ask as I normally use a barrel swivel for rock lure fishing when attaching a weedless lure, like a savage gear v2 sandeel.

    Should I use a barrel swivel when trying for bass with surface hard body lures? Or ditch the swivel?

    Keep up the excellent work.
    I’ve subbed.
    Tight lines.


  3. caught my pb bass in that same bay, on a surface lure,down every week or 2 in my van love it…use geordies must love it too as just about every 1 i speak to is from north east.

  4. Nice fish Man! Love bass fishing but there is no bass around my area (Fort William) so i have to travel quiet a bit to get hands on those beautiful silver fish:) Tight lines! subbed and looking forward for another video…

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