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Locating and Catching Colorado Summer Largemouth Bass

Some summer days bass fishing can be tough especially when targeting Largemouth Bass. Today we are going to learn what lures are best used for during the summer heat and where to best locate these fish.


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Locating and Catching Colorado Summer Largemouth Bass


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  1. Where do you typically bass fish? I’m having a hard time finding the bass and what they are eating. I am in Colorado and trying to find more spots. Originally from Oregon and always did awesome fishing there

  2. Awesome video! I subscribed! I’m planning a week long fishing/camping/hiking trip to Colorado could you reccomend some good lakes I could bank fish off of? Preferably fishing for bass but it doesn’t matter

  3. Colorado bass fishing is so depressing 🤮 he called that a hog?😂 wth. He knows his stuff though! Props to that! But I’ve been stationed in Colorado for the last 3 years and never have I ever caught a bass that was worth a damn. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. I am very grateful for your visit, friend. Returning you the love with a play in full and like #62 from Bits of Real Panther!

    Tomorrow is Hump Day! Woohoo! I hope you've had a grand week so far, Colorado Fisher!

  5. I have never known this fish! Obviously to catch it is not easy! Finding its place and appropriate bait requires a lot of experience, and you're obviously a good fisherman! Have a nice day!

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