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Learn to Ignore Moon Phases In Bass Fishing

Randy gives a detailed analysis of why the topic of moon phases are one of the biggest myths and bass fishing. He explains other factors that contribute to bass movement and behavior surrounding this. #bassfishing #moonphasesandfishing #bassfishingtips


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  1. I know for a fact from chasing summer schooling bass from june til oct,you can mark it down you can catch them schooling 3weeks in a row but the full moon they wont school hardly at all.I dont know if it does something to the shad or what but it happens every full moon.This is fishing toledo an rayburn an some smaller local lakes.

  2. I can't believe I listened the whole eight and a half minutes, have taken away from this is that you have offered no information about fishing when there's a full moon you didn't offer any information of how to what lures what color what anyting what a total waste of time. This in my opinion is one of the worst videos I have ever watched on how to catch fish during a full moon. If I wasn't drunk right now I wouldn't even have bothered to listen to your whole spiel. But since I was I went ahead and listen hoping you would come up with some kind of attack plan for fishing during a full moon already knowing that fish feed all night and they are less likely to feed the next day I was hoping you would offer some insight and how to fish the next day after a full moon. But what I got was a moron rambling on about nothing offering nothing no information whatsoever what a damn joke. Either I need to give up fishing or drinking or both because none of them are producing anything worth a damn hoping you had a solution was a far cry. I remember your website and your name and I will never watch another damn thing you got to offer. I myself could offer more information in 30 seconds then you could in an hour.

  3. Some of the most disappointing days on the lake I’ve ever had were full moon days…or when Bassmaster magazines lunar table shows it to be an excellent day. I head to the lake full of positive enthusiasm…come home with bupkiss. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Through ought this year i've been focusing on one lake and one only. I have not payed attention to the part where people say they bite better or worse around a certain moon phase. I learned that each moon phase something will change, the fish may move shallower or deeper. Something will change either subtle or durastic. it will change.

  5. Great video, but I disagree with your conclusion. Randy have you seen the book "In pursuit of giant Bass" by Bill Murphy? He was more dialed in to bass over 10 pounds than any person who ever lived, he used to really catch those giants in California. He said in his book, and I agree with him based on my own fishing journal since 10 years ago- Big bass, as in really big bass, are influenced by the moon tremendously- Weather fronts probably have a greater effect, but the moon also has a very strong effect. He said that some moon phases are great for catching quantity but not quality, and vice versa. Some anglers do not believe the moon has much effect at all because changing weather can mask the effect of the moon, but underneath the effect of the weather, there is an effect of the moon. From my own experience, my data really agrees with Bill Murphy's, when the moon is at about 75%, either waning or waxing, that is the best time for really giant bass. What he says in his book does not even agree with what solunar tables say, I think solunar tables are more oriented around full and new moons, but Murphy's data says that is not it really. Murphy kept records for decades, and he proclaims the moon is significant based on those records, I think he is correct.

    Another thing that is really interesting- People say the barometric pressure really influences bass- Well, of course, when the barometer is dropping like a rock, the fish will bite- versus when the barometer is sky high and there is not a cloud in the sky, they are the most difficult to catch- Everybody knows this is true- But here is an amazing fact- Consider the question, can the fish feel the barometer falling? Can a bass detect that the barometric pressure of the atmosphere is falling? Here's the thing- If the air pressure goes through the most drastic drop of all time, like you would get with a strong hurricane, the decrease in pressure on the bass' body is NOTHING compared to the change in pressure when that fish swims from 4ft deep to 2 feet deep. So what is it that the bass senses that triggers them to feed?

  6. Lmaoo im taking a chemistry class and we learned how temperature affects the pH balance of water and my FIRST thought was "i wonder how this can help my bass fishing"

    The pH without a doubt affects fish activity, but its probably inperceivable to us

  7. The way I see it , those calculations are made way ahead of time and weather conditions at that particular time are not able to be predicted that far ahead, so just go fishing when the weather allows and enjoy the day , I have caught bass on days they weren’t supposed to bite . Tight lines 😎

  8. I have done better on days when the moon and sun are rising and setting around the same time or at opposing times. They actually can set and rise around the same time . the phase doesn’t matter as much as the rise and set times .

  9. I have to respectfully disagree. The moon plays big time into fish behavior. I not only fish for bass, but also musky. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the moon being overhead or underfoot has so much to do with getting fish to commit to a bait. I have seen it time and time again on the water. I'll tell you a story from my dad. During a night tournament on Center Hill Lake here in TN, he and his fishing partner were fishing boat ramps and flats. It was a partly cloudy night with a full moon. When the moon went behind the clouds the school of fish they were on would stop biting. Within a minute of the moon coming out from behind the clouds, they were getting bit again. It happened that way all night until they had to go weigh in.

  10. My best catches happened when I was in the moment. It was either visually seeing the bass, or casting over and over in the same spot, switching angles and paying attention to the “circle of life” i.e. birds, turtles, frogs, minnows ect. Solunar calendars time and time again fail, when all I have to do is fish the moment.

  11. I’m not sure about that. I keep accurate records and definitely get big fish when is overhead or underfoot. Doesn’t always work but enough to see a difference. I fish a tidal river on Kauai

  12. At night it really does make a ton of difference. It’s just to do with the light levels. In Clear water especially , full moon is just not as good as new moon.

  13. Great subject. Enjoyed your input and all the
    Comments. Explain this?? On the way to the lake you see deer on roadside, birds wildlife everywhere. When u get to lake same thing. Garnered its going to be good day fishing? No birds on bank no squirrels in woods bad day fishing. Anything to this.

  14. Every thing else still happens in fish at night, but when you add lite at night that's when the moon phase comes into play, it adds light to what the fish have been doing all along. Moon phases expose baitfish. Creating feeding!

  15. I fish the conditions!!!
    I used to get wrapped up in all the hoopla of moon phases and digital best times for bite ratings…..
    Total waste of my time, I fished for hours at a time and soon realized that stuff was often very inaccurate.
    If I think they're starting to move shallow, then I fish shallow to see if I'm right.
    I do my best to find a pattern then when I find it… I fish it!!!!

  16. I fish on Sam Rayburn and only have 3 things that keep me off the water 1 don't fish after a full moon in summer, 2 don't fish after a cold front with a bluebird sky and above all 3 Never!!! put the boat in the water when the wind is blowing 30 from the N-W or S-E.

  17. Hey Randy I've got a quick question for you, and if you wanted to make a video about it then that would be great. How do you identify or determine the depth the fish are using on a given day?

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