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LAST MINUTE Catch SAVES The Day In BIG BASS Tournament!!

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On today’s video I headed out to fish Part 2 of Day 3 on a Power Plant Lake. We had a 3 hour long big bass tournament and the fishing was tough!! It came down to the wire and I was able to catch a nice one! You don’t want to miss out on these videos!! #bassfishing #bigbass #basstournament

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  1. You have no idea what you are doing. You are after the aggressive bite on a dead day. You can move anywhere you want and you won`t catch sh–t using a fast retreval. The fish are in stasis and will only take the easy bite. The mood will change when nature changes it.

  2. When the bite is tough, you want a slow lazy retrieval. That is why the Zebco spincaster is the best chioce. You can cast very light weight baits like plastics worms with no sinkers or weights and let it sink slow and natural. This is the key to winning the slow bite. I won $100,000 dollars doing this and I know what I`m talking about!

  3. Plastic worms always work no matter how slow the fishing is. Lose that bait caster and grab a zebco spinning reel and a plastic worm with no weight applied. You will catch far more fish that way when the bite is slow.

  4. I feel like the camera can sit a little higher on his chest so we aren't watching his hands and the rod. Or maybe switch between chest cam and yolotek cam on the boat or something.

  5. when fish follow that underspin back to the boat it means you need to downsize the weight and reel it slower. Now that you have forward faceing sonar you will learn that

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