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Largemouth Bass Fishing – Southwestern Utah – Sand Hollow Reservoir

Are there Largemouth Bass in Southwestern Utah?
Why yes…there sure are!
Returning to Sand Hollow Reservoir in late June of 2023, hadn’t been there since last year, I get right to it and manage to get some action. This trip was for Bass and to see if my new gas tank install turned out ok.
I switched back and forth between jigging a curly tail grub and trolling a Strike King 3XD, both methods proved successful. It was a great day but by early afternoon I had to move on, got too busy on the water. Good trip, the action was consistent enough and the gas tank install proved to be a success! Winning!

5 Inch Curlytail Grub:
Strike King 3XD:

Thanks For Watching, Tight Lines!
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