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Lake Somerville May Be The WORST Bass Fishing Lake In Texas

This was one of those days on the water that we all dread. Fishing was tough for all 153 anglers fishing the season opener of the 2023 TXKBL on Lake Somerville. In fact, there were only 125 bass logged through TourneyX over the whole 8 hour day! I just could not get them to commit to anything. I had several short strikes on various lures, but never was able to make a solid connection on anything. As the old saying goes….”That is why they call it fishing and not catching.” As I get older I think back on these days and try to come up with strategies that may work if I have another day with similar conditions. That is the only way you will be a better angler. Do your research, put into practice, look back over the results data, make adjustments, repeat. I hope this encourages someone who is just learning or is coming off of a bad day of fishing to keep trying. Thank you for watching!

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