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Lake Russell Late May Kayak Bass Fishing (HUGE BASS) – Allen Creek – Late Spring Bass Fishing

In today’s video, I visit Lake Russell from Allen Creek Boat Ramp for some late spring kayak bass fishing. The plan for the day was to fish vegetation. This has been a weakness of mine and it paid off big time on this day. I use the wacky rig pretty much all day once the sun was up. I really liked this area, for obvious reasons, but Russell is an amazing lake for fishing and natural beauty.

Allen Creek Boat Ramp
Richard B., Iva, SC 29655

Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook
YUM Dinger – Junebug
Gary Yamamoto Senko – Green Pumpkin With Chartreuse Tail

0:00 Fish Intro
2:43 Fish
4:04 Fish
5:12 Fish
7:46 Two Panfish
8:56 Outro

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  1. Heck yeah! This is your year, baby. Now that you’ve accomplished all of your goals, it’s almost time to make some new ones…but take a minute and savor it first. The hard work is paying dividends. Congratulations

  2. Heck yeah brother now that was a action packed day of fishing right there, nice job! Hope you can continue your success on that lake for the next tournament, you definitely got some info on where to start. Tight lines man🎣

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