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Lake Jackson BIG Bass (HUGE LARGEMOUTH) – 10 Boat Tournament (Winter Bass Fishing Cold muddy water)

Lake Jackson BIG Bass – 10 Boat Tournament (Winter Bass Fishing). Water clarity 6 inches to 1ft. Water temp is 47 to 50 degrees. Fishing during the winter months facing cold muddy conditions along with a very slow bite can be very tough. We started with 10 guys but only 7 came to the weigh in and only 4 weighed fish. It was a tough day but Ariel was able to pull it off with 5 fish and took the grand prize! Fishing Lake Jackson in January is tough but once you find a pattern or a location holding fish your day can quickly change for the better.

Ariel Laria Youtube Channel – BassFever

The following are links to the tournaments that we have done so far. Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment and LIKE the videos. I appreciate the support.

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  1. Hi buddy I watched this video this morning and I went fishing lake Jackson today and I saw a guy with the yellow shirt you wear I thought it was you it was one of the guys in your bass club we had a long talk about fishing I had a blast

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