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Lake Issaqueena Kayak Bass Fishing (Recreational Bass Fishing) – Late Spring Bass Fishing

In today’s video, I visit Lake Issaquena for some late spring kayak bass fishing. The plan for the day was to relax and fish without tournament, footage, or lures I am using. I went on the water and sight-fished everything with no pre-planning or learning objectives. Just hanging out and catching fish.

Lake Issaqueena
Issaqueena Lake Rd, Central, SC 29630

Gamakatsu Finesse Hook
Yamamoto Baits 5″ Senko – Watermelon Red/Light Watermelon Red – Laminate
Googan Squad Banger Square bill Crankbait – Ghost Gill
SPRO Rockcrawler 55 – Phantom Brown

0:00 Fish Intro
1:19 Fish
2:51 Fish
3:34 Fish
4:32 Lure Talk
5:16 Fish
6:25 Fish
7:03 Fish
8:09 Outro

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  1. The colors look cool on the googan crank and it got you bass and a nice big yellow perch 👍🏻 Recreational fishing is fun, no pressure 😀 Nice to be the only one on the water too, Travis.

  2. Hey buddy how's you doing? It looks like a good day on the water. The only one out there to fish. It suck that the wind Became a problem. I had a very nice time last weekend with my family & family friends on the kayak camping trip. We ending up doing 33 miles & it was good time too. My oldest son has a new puppy black lab that he got for Christmas & he came on the trip with us. He love water a lot & he was on my son kayak & he fell off the kayak & my was not paying attention & the dog started to Bark and wine because they were leaving him by. I was way back & the dog didn't know that. I called the dog name JJ come her. Then JJ noticed me he started to come over to me & I picked him up and put him on my Kayak. JJ Lick me a lot saying thank you , stayed on my Kayak for the rest of the trip. It was funny because JJ didn't want to ride with my son for the rest of the trip. He even sleeps in our tent. He was really mad at my son for that. Surprisingly my feet 🦶 very very well on this trip man. I only had my evening pain that I get everyday but it was just a lil bit of pain. I still had to kayak barefooted 👣 but at camp I was able to wear my flip flops 🩴 around the camping area & it felt good to wear them too because you know I love my flops man. It been a year since I was on my Kayak & it felt good to be back on it again. You take it easy buddy I thought I'd share this with you man.

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