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Lake Conroe, Tx Winter Bass Fishing.

Got out on lake Conroe for a few hours and had a blast catching some bass chasing bait. Catching two at a time!


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  1. Enjoyed the video podna! My home lake is Lake Conroe as well, fish on the north end mostly but am easing my way down trying to catch some on the seawalls and docks…would love to collab one time or another to catch some fish and make a video! Hit me up man!!

  2. Great videos so far. I’m building a house on Conroe and I also have a skeeter. I’m new to Conroe but I’m an experienced bass fisherman. I’m a little nervous about running up north. How did you first navigate up there? Just took it slow and learned little by little? That’s where I want to be in the spring. Any suggestions?

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