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Lake Allatoona Spotted Bass Fishing Winter 2022 December

Winter Time Georgia bass Fishing December #bassfishing #fishing #Lake Allatoona


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  1. Are you using live minnows on a drop shot set up?? How do they keep swallowing hook and why do they all go in the live well. Glad you’re able to get out there so often an find them. Work is busy so I’m down to about twice a month unfortunately. In stamp creek area a lot and have good luck. Like clear creek also. Hope you’re releasing most of those, doesn’t make sense to keep that many spots.

  2. yall crushing it, good to see. I got a request, next time spend a minute just showing us what gear you're using, and what bait. It helps new people to the sport, and will probably get you more views. Thanks for the vid

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