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Kayak Bass fishing New Melones Lake, California.

Old Video from June 18 2022:

After installing My Min Kotta I pilot.
I wanted to put it to the test, and see how well it worked.
Very happy with the out come. spot lock did a great Job.
Spent less time Fiddling with the foot peddle controller and more time focused on fishing.

As always my buddy out-fished me.
Did manage to catch some though also.
I would like to fish at new Melones again sometime soon and explore more of the Rich Diverse areas.

Hope you all enjoy this little video I put together.
Take care everyone.


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  1. I have yet to make it out there… nice outing with your amigo… tell you buddy to keep his flag out of the water, he'll catch more fish…๐ŸŽฃ

  2. Don't know how I missed this video? Have notifications on even. Happy I randomly checked your channel. Great video and way to get those spotties. Dammit Austin watching you identify those fish is gonna make me drop some change on one of those forward facing sonars. Look forward to the next.

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