Watch out everyone the Karens and out and about and attempting to ruin our fishing trips. I was out doing some fishing in Tampa Florida when a angry Karen decided to yell at me from her back porch. I go in depth towards the end of the video and talk about what we could’ve done better in this situation.

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  1. Broo lets get Some "Impressed Karens after you Caught some Biggins" if they were still lingering around after they were wrong for trying to kick you out or During the time they wanted to kick you Out!!

  2. The amount of videos I’ve seen of you just going to ponds in the middle of random neighborhoods I’ve been wondering when you were gonna catch a Karen lol

  3. Had a few guns pointed at Me in the 1970s by man Karens for fishing , crawfishing and water skiing .They all thought they owned the bayous here . They lost . I'm old now and I am still in the same bayous . As for the Karens are long gone .

  4. these people that just allow their dogs to bark and do nothing about it drives ya crazy, If the dog is that dumb and undisciplined so is the owner.

  5. You’re in people’s back yard. Of course they’re going to get upset. If there was a public park on the water. Fine, fish there, but don’t walk through people’s yards.

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