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Johnson Silver Minnow Tips: How To | Bass Fishing

Johnson Silver Minnow bass fishing tips and techniques that are proven to catch more fish! Here’s how to fish the Johnson Silver Minnow in detail to catch more bass. Includes underwater video!

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The Gear
Johnson Silver Minnow: https://bit.ly/3kZvnvP
Old School Skirt: https://bit.ly/3rBj3TQ
Kalin’s Grub: https://bit.ly/3xan3Mf
7′ 1″ Med/Heavy Rod: https://bit.ly/2QqUSJh
7′ 2″ to a 7′ 6″ Heavy Power Fast-Action Rod: https://bit.ly/2QqUSJh
6:3.1 Baitcasting Reel: https://bit.ly/3f1y39c
Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Line: https://bit.ly/39S5QPa
Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line: https://bit.ly/36NGSOV

Items worn in this video:
Simms Sungaitor: http://bit.ly/2NvYLsc
Simms TriComp Cool Fishing Shirt: http://bit.ly/2CsxUqI
SolarFlex SunGloves: https://bit.ly/2FA2CDA

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Zman Finesse Shroomz Weedless Jig Heads https://bit.ly/36Mm5eA
Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom https://bit.ly/3aw975G

Seaguar TATSU Fluorocarbon https://bit.ly/39SAGHl
Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbon https://bit.ly/39S5QPa
Seaguar Abrazx https://bit.ly/2YMCtYj
Seaguar Smackdown Braid https://bit.ly/36NGSOV
Stren High Impact Monofilament https://bit.ly/3ropoAA

VMC DuoLock Snaps size 1 https://bit.ly/36NGYWN

Trokar Standard EWG Hook https://bit.ly/2OavztQ
Trokar Flipping EWG Hook (Magworm hook) https://bit.ly/3pTmy6v
Gamakatsu Superline EWG Hook https://bit.ly/2YNf6h0
Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Worm Hook https://bit.ly/2YM2gjn

Drop Shot Weights https://bit.ly/3jnGlrZ
Tungsten Worm Weights https://bit.ly/3oNDDNG
Top Brass Peg-It II https://bit.ly/3pVeXUL
Punch Stops/Bobber Stoppers https://bit.ly/36JGv8g
Gamakatsu Football Jig https://bit.ly/3pSOIys

Plano Z-Series Backpack https://bit.ly/2LnxqdE
Plano Z- Series Tackle Bags https://bit.ly/3pTmTWP
KVD Worm Speedbag https://bit.ly/3tqsHsZ
Plano Guide Series bag https://bit.ly/3jm1ymh
KVD Signature Series Tackle Bag https://bit.ly/3rrYyaI
Plano 3700 Stowaways https://bit.ly/3cOjTai
Plano Edge Flex Series Storage System https://bit.ly/3pVC55w

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  1. I have found a lot of those fishing gave some of them a way I have 1/8/ oz Johnson Silver never used it trout with it once maybe I remember I didn't catch so back in went in my box

  2. I hate to let this one out 😬😆. 1/2 ounce spoon , trailer hook . Just put the trailer hook on the spoon hook and add a small piece of the tubing in the package with the hooks above the trailer hook between it and spoon barb . The trailer hook will swing freely and not get hung up , but when they hit it they are double buttoned up ! Add a Zoom (split tailed) swimming chunk to the spoon hook like you did the grub. The trailer hook rides between the chunks legs .

  3. I'm confused… You recommend a rod with "a fast, limber tip"…

    It's my understanding that extra fast are the stiffest tips, fast tips are still fairly stiff, and moderate tips are limber… So what's best, fast or moderate?

  4. You really know what you're talking about. I've been catching 5 to 8lb bass on ledges with big worms here in south ga but everybody throws worms on this lake and the fish are tired of seeing them. Out fishing this morning I thought of the Johnson spoon. I'm an old guy who as you said has gotten away from using them but I'll have one tied on tomorrow.

  5. Thanks … found two way back in my TACKLE BOX … started using them again the way you showed ….. fantastic on pike and bass. Maybe because they haven't seen it for a long time.
    A pro fisherman told me "Fish haven't changed, that's why, what caught them years ago, still catches them!"

  6. 1/4 ounce gold Johnson spoon with a white skirt can't be beat, especially in pads and thick weeds..
    Biggest I got was 15 3/4 pounds in a central Florida lake on the spoon and many fish 7 to 11 pounds on the same.. It never gets old

  7. GLENN!!! Don't give our old school secrets away!!! LOL… JSM, as I call them, have been in my tackle arsenal since I was a kid in the 70's. New stuff is great don't get me wrong, but when the bass are pressured and have seen every new fangled, dipsy do, monkey fur, atomic spinner, bladed T-Rig, Mega Grub/Worm/Craw… You have to throw something they haven't seen. JSM, I break these out and do pretty well when the bite is tough and even Ned Rigs fail. Yes, Ned Rigs can fail when everyone, including Ned, is using them and the bass see them A LOT. Fish them naked, with a skirt, or a grub or other small plastic that won't mess up the flutter. I'm not saying these work, just stick with your new stuff like mopper boppers and let us old folks keep our secrets, lol. BTW, I'm old enough, but not a fossil or on SS. Be Well, E…

  8. I have found over the years,this bait works well with a loop knot exclusively. Back in the mid 80's till mid 90's that bait was Okeechobees #1 search bait….very informative, keep them silver minnows alive,thanks for the video.

  9. Great Video! I fish these in Ontario and pike love them. My question is how do you prevent pike bite-offs?Do you use a wire leader or a fluoro leader? What size fluoro would you recommend? Also how do you prevent line twist when trolling if you don't use a barrel swivel on the leader?

  10. I came back from serving in the military back in the 80's and caught a lot of bass on this lure, then like he said , got involved in throwing other lures over the years, found and old tackle box at an estate sale last year, and it had an old silver minnow spoon in it, I cleaned up this lure and caught 21 bass in one day , throwing the old silver minnow spoon !!!!

  11. I’ve never fished these, but figured I would try them out because of this video. They are hard to find, but was able to find a few gold #’s. Looking forward to seeing what they are about. Thanks for the info.

  12. The most frustrating thing about bass fishing is having only two arms… With two arms, I can wield one rod, with one bait… What are the odds that I'm going to have the optimal bait from my box tied on for that exact moment? Not very good….

  13. Fished it a lot in 60’s&70’s .caught good channel catfish with it and uncle josh pork frog (in the jar). Still have two of them (silver and blueish one).

  14. Good video. You covered it. Here in Maryland we have the "Invasion of the Snakehead". They like shallow weedy water. We use frogs, buzz baits, chatter baits, spinnerbaits, and whopper ploppers. I'm gonna dig thru my tackle and add Johnson Silver Minnows to the mix.

  15. 1st video I have seen on a spoon. Never thought about buying one. After seeing the way it moves I will be picking a couple up. Great video, I learned a lot.

  16. My favorite trailer for the Johnson Spoon was a white, Uncle Josh pork strip, when I was a kid. Shame they don't make them anymore. Just so much more soft and supple than any soft plastics today. Had great action combined with the Silver Minnow.

  17. Loved watching this video. This was one of the first Bass lures I purchased for my tackle box back in the 80's. I used to put a while or chartreuse Uncle Josh split tail trailer on the back. The big Chain Pickerel loved it haha. Now I have to find this in my boxes of tackle and start using it again. Thanks for reminding me. I have a bunch of old time lures that I am sure the Bass will love. Hope you do more videos like this on nostalgic lures that can still catch good quality bass today. I also used the Mepps Timber Doodle, with Mr twister grub I actually liked this better than the Johnson silver minnow. To grab her another piece of soft plastic would make it weedless instead of that metal Bar.

  18. Wait, what? You cant change the hooks out? Did this just win some tournament? Lol. Been using this lure since I was a kid. Rigged with an uncle josh spring lizard frog… works great!

  19. This has been my go to bait since I was 14. I am now 69. I use a grub on mine, but I pinch most of the body off to make it even lighter. I love this bait. It seems to catch nicer fish too. The grub helps to keep it from spinning too. I have thrown this into some very heavy cover with very little problems. Thanks for the video. I have had many people kid me about fishing an antique bait, until you catch more fish than they do.

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