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Jerkbait Bass Fishing with KVD | Wind and Overcast Tips

For Kevin VanDam, a jerkbait is the ultimate blend of power fishing and realism. Plus, you can customize the bait’s action to the fish’s mood. KVD faces prime jerkbait fishing conditions in this video — overcast and windy! He discusses the types of spots he targets bass in these conditions, some jerkbait selection guidance (emphasis on color), and how to fish the bait to trigger bass that often pass on swimbaits and crankbaits.

TACKLE USED (retail links)
• JERKBAIT – Strike King KVD Deep Jerkbait, color – Oyster:
• TREBLE HOOKS – Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook, size 4:
• ROD – Lew’s KVD IM8 Casting Rod, 6’10” Med Hvy:
• REEL – Team Lew’s HyperMag Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel, 7.5:1:
• LINE – Bass Pro Shops XPS KVD Signature Series 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, 12-pound:
• GLASSES – Costa Del Mar Fantail Pro Sunglasses:

Overcast plus wind usually puts bass feeding into overdrive. On clear-water highland reservoirs such as Missouri’s Table Rock Lake, feeding bass have a big strike window, so baits with drawing power get the nod. KVD focuses on main lake windblown points and spots where the old river channel pushes close to the shore. Just like crankbait fishing, strive to get the jerkbait to its maximum diving depth to call bass in from as far as possible. To augment this, KVD prefers bright but natural-hued baits, such as variations of bone and white on overcast days. You’ll be surprised with how much of the water column you’ll cover with a deep-diving jerkbait.

Fish finders can factor in big with this program. Pay attention to where you see fish and observe the depth, structure, and cover. While 360 and forward-facing sonar yield a ton of insight, reference your mapping for additional clues about fish location, such as channel swings and contour steepness.

The right rod, reel, and line setup are imperative if you’re looking to maximize your efficiency and success with jerkbaits. KVD details his setup, particularly on choosing a rod with the ideal blend of power and action. A reel is just a tool for picking up the slack, while the rod is what makes the jerkbait come alive. Just make sure to start and finish your jerking with slack in the line.

• LIVE SONAR – Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging:
• 360 SONAR – Humminbird MEGA 360:
• TROLLING MOTOR – Minn Kota Ultrex:
• MAPPING – Humminbird LakeMaster PLUS, Great Plains V1:
• Hydrowave H2 Kevin VanDam Electronic Feeding Stimulator:
• SIDE GRAPH MOUNT – T-H Marine KVD Kong Electronics Mount:
• CENTER GRAPH MOUNT – T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer:




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  1. Met KVD at a BASS University seminar in Nashville waaayyyy back in 1995. He had just broke out into pro fishing, alreay winning the Classic just a couple years earlier, and already two-time AOY. I was 23, and he was only 22 I think. I felt we had our young age in common, and I looked up to him even though he was a little younger than me. At the time, his sponsorship was just getting into full throttle. He got into BASS under the logo “Team Grandma”. His grandmother told him she would get him through college, or she would back him as a beginning pro. Thank God he chose the latter!! Bless you KVD, you’re the image our sport had for two decades, and hopefully in your new venture after this final BASS season, it will be again. TEAM GRANDMA!!!

  2. Great video! KVD is a class act and truly the greatest of all time! Not sure if there will ever be anyone else in the history of the sport that tops what KVD has done for the sport both on and off the water! 🐐

  3. If dreams come true one day I’m gone eat diner with this man and fish with him , when he hit he big tour in 91 wrecking with spinner bait I was 6 and glued to TV hoping he was gone be on tv on Saturday mornings I think TNT , and bob Cobb was the hype man

  4. Obviously kvd knows more than me, but why a med heavy with those 1x trebles? I'd be using a medium with more like 10lb flouro in open deep water like that

  5. A+++++ video. I drew KVD in his early years in a tournament on Lake Seminole. That day we were fishing jerkbaits in the timber. Kevin searched through his jerkbaits and gave me a bait to fish with. Class act all the way. Thanks for the memories KVD.

  6. Its taken me almost 4 years of being a novice -decent jerkbait nerd .so many variables.Sorry @KVD -never even got bit on one of your models (& i know the intricacies of softer taps on bigger billed & or deep diving jerkbaits)-i like me Rapalas & Megabass,Jackall n the O.G pointers by Lucky Craft.

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