I’ve Found The Best Bass Fishing YouTube Video Of All-Time…(You Gotta See This)

Randy shares with everybody what he considers is the best bass fishing video on YouTube…#fishingdaily #bassfishing #bassmaster #bass #fishing #catchandrelease #angler #fishinglife #fish #fishingtrip

Moynagh video..

Lake map breakdowns…

Solarbat Blaukat sunglasses link…

Blaukat old school jig link…

Baitwrx link…


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  1. Hi Randy I purchased 2 of the RB2's one in hi vis yellow and one in MossBack Green. Even picked up a pair of their computer glasses as well. I had questions about the tints and talked with Dr. Gary Nesty. Great guy and took the time to explain in details to answer my questions. A rare find today from companies in this day and age. Love the glasses Randy. Thanks for working on them with Dr. Nesty.

  2. YouTube is entertainment Randy you have 100 thousand subscribers but only average 10 views per video and you have a lot of clicks bait I mean I like your videos look your making and standing in front of a camera like Bill Dance and look at how he wS filming way back making people laugh is key I watch your videos for info

  3. I can relate to this…when I was fishing the local club tournaments it was not a real fun experience…cost a lot of money to win a couple hundred bucks…

  4. I follow Jim's channel. He is living an "all in, no other options" approach to try to make the BPT through the TW Invitational trail. I enjoy his channel but I do pity him that he's spent his entire life chasing tournament and is back in the Triple A league of bass fishing since the FLW debacle, like so many other great anglers. Jim is a "lone wolf" who is comfortable in his approach.

  5. The “value” of any video is determined by the viewer. Some viewers are looking to be entertained not necessarily educated. This wave of “YouTube Anglers” like the Googans, may not be your cup of tea and that’s ok but you should at least acknowledge that they have brought more new anglers into the sport of fishing than every pro angler combined. At the end of the day if your content is relevant to viewers then they will watch and subscribe.

  6. I watched the video but I was sort of distracted; correct me if I’m wrong but by his math he makes around – negative 14k per year. But then he says he has sponsorships that help him out. He doesn’t go into how much he gets from them. It kinda seems like he has a POOR ME attitude. In your YouTube videos you show your house, your boat, your car, etc. TRUST ME! Your house is nicer, your boat is nicer, your car is nicer than what I own. I went to college and graduated with 50k in debt. I work a shitty job in the ED of one of the busiest hospitals in Florida and I have less than you. I would give anything to be able to have what you have earned by fishing!

  7. Thanks for sharing the link to his video Randy. Wow. I didn't realize the expenses involved of being a pro. Very informative. (I just fish as a hobby here in Texas, pond fisherman) I just subscribed to Jim's channel. Keep up the great videos and tips. I appreciate it.

  8. Have been a Moynagh Fishes regular for some time now. His breakdown of the business was in depth. Understand you're getting into an expensive hobby (unless you hit the fishing lottery). Jim's videos are straight talk-in, no apologies, and no excuses. Dude is witty. A pleasant watch for sure. As I've commented here, love the chance to watch how a seasoned pro approaches the conditions, initial strategy, and the autopsy after. You, Jim, Matt Stephan give an interesting college course of information. I'll throw a plug in for Declassified too. Quality.

  9. So, in relation to views v subscribers ratio: I am a subscriber and I watch all your stuff, but, I pretty almost watch them on my TV. I’m wondering how that skews the data on the V’s vs Subs. Is it plausible that there are a lot of me’s out there that just don’t register as a subscriber when we watch on TV?

  10. Great Guy, really good videos in general. Randy, ou bust on guys who make and watch bass catching video. Not my cup of tea either, but it beats watching guys who invest in their hobby, doing incomplete economic analysis…. and then then for what appears to be the first time assessing the finances of their career choices. So you're either a capitalist trolling for click, a communist, or so entitled that you think the world should make sure than good fishermen get paid a living wage. What of all the artist, golfer, football player and singers who aren't good enough to make a living at what they love. Should we subsidize them. I can absolutely sympathize with old guys who had the economic shift on them.

  11. i watched and subscribed to his vid. Great info for telling it like it is . I hope with your on line business and your lessons on the water you make a decent living because that tournament fishing is bad odds.

  12. Randy, we all see through your crap. This is nothing more than you trying to promote another Bridgeford angler. You and Jim are both clueless when it comes to actually catching bass!

  13. I still believe that a seniors tour would be the best way for us over 60. Level the playing field and let the legends complete against each other.

  14. April 30, 2023, 12:05pm:
    SolarBat sunglasses at Bait Wrx are $120 on their website, I just checked. $100 at TW. I would buy a pair at 30% off, bummer…☹️

  15. To each his own. I learn more from watching anglers catch fish. I can watch their cadence, how they pick apart an area etc. Suggesting that I rub peanut butter on my swimbait is fine, showing it work gives the tip more credibility. JMO

  16. You & Jim are the only 2 pro's I try not to miss any of y'alls videos. I do have a favor to ask of you regarding Jim. He fished the Lake Eufaula's 'Tackle Warehouse' Tourn. couple weeks ago & described having to speed through high waves to get back to weigh in. He said he was sore & I thought I sure wished you would describe your method of dealing with rough water to him. He works out but 250HP motors & 3-4 footers make a season worth of hits by (insert your favorite NFL heavy hitter) seem like a day in the sand box. Btw another winning 'Walk Off Video' by you that gave me chills!

  17. I consider it a win if I win enough to break even. If I win more than I spend on fuel, entry fees and equipment, I can invest in a few more toys. Then it’s all good. There were years that I couldn’t imagine doing that.

  18. A Minnesota fishing institution. All real, no pretense – the man you see in his videos is the same man when you spend a day in his boat – refreshing in this age when production value is more important than content. Content usually interesting (however, uploads are intermittent and irregular, no set schedule), minimal production gloss, honest tournament evals. Long time success as a pro, trust his intuition. Please subscribe, view.

  19. I don't know about slots or poker but I bet you'd make a lot more money investing in stocks and then go fishin' for fun. Maybe fish local cheap tournaments for fun too. But as an investment you're probably right, not a way to make lots of money.

  20. Nah, the best YT video of all time is Mikey Balzz 5 fish 40+ lbs on a scale one day trip. Tournament fishing is just not of any interest . never understood why people love watching other people participate in a sport. Mikey has no interest in tournaments, was doing YT videos when no one had ever heard of YT and he has the coolest dog on YT! Go Bogg ….

  21. Yeah, I follow that channel too. His tourny updates are from his camper. I looked real hard at go'n the bass route early on but felt a greater calling to serve the country. Glad I didn't chase the fickle fish. Like in the gold rush, the real money was made on the backs of the 49ers.

  22. Randy, can you make a video on what a co-angler can do when his boater is fishing isolated brush piles with live scope, on clear lakes? You essentially have no shot at catching any fish.

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